Thursday, July 16

was i complaining?

guess my last post a downer?  sorry, didn't mean for it to be but after looking at it, it might have been.   we are having a good time.  you know that quote "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail"  it has been in my head.  i am not a really good planner cause i like to just go and see what happens, so i forget things and i don't always know what we are going to do about lunch and dinner and what not.  apparently that makes things hard sometimes when you have kids.  i'm still learning all about that stuff.

anyways, ivy just mashed up a blueberry muffin on our rooms floor and threw a full cup of orange juice at me in the hall that exploded all over the walls and carpet.  oh, and she just dumped out a whole box of cheese-it's.  i think they will be happy to see us go.  and her eye is not goupy today.  what do i do about that?  anyone?

speaking of going, we are off to coronado beach with some friends.  we went there monday and it was so much fun.  i brought two little eleven year old girls (our neighbors out in redlands) out to play in the little waves and showed them how to body surf.  they were beyond stoked, it was awesome. reminds me of why i love the ocean.  one of them had never been "into the sea this far" and was scared at first but then we stared jumping waves and pretending we were dolphins and she came out of her shell and loved it.   they were screaming and laughing and said it was the funniest thing ever.   oh how i love the ocean.  unfortunately my time with them playing was cut short and  i was called back in by velzy who was screaming for me and ivy who was totally freaking out and crying because i went out without them.  gotta love the little ones!  hopefully we can play more today.  

hope everyone has a happy thursday.  

(this is what you would see if you drive by us latley.  velzy is really into throwin out the shakas these days.  i love it.)


liko said...

love the shaka out the window!! sounds like fun! and remember how malik would stay on shore and yell at me to get out of the water? well, he's getting better and wants to come in with me all the time now. i'm so glad! and ivy is so full of spunk, you just gotta laugh at all the things she throws your way. haha, pun intended.

The Cooks in our Kitchen said...

Before you leave on a trip next time just email me, I will send you a word document with a typed out detailed packing list specially designed for your trip ;) There are negatives to planning "too much" as well, as I tend to do. But making lists is my specialty and weird obsession. So anytime you need one just let me know!
Regarding the eye... If all the goop is totally gone I would not sweat it. The only kind of eye infection you really need to worry about is pink eye, and it does not just go away. The goop only gets worse.

Autumn said...

Bummed we never met up! No waves at San Elijo but we did do a lot of SUP-ing!!! Weather was awesome too! See ya for sure at the mud run Saturday, after that we really need to plan a beach day!

.Ang. said...

I LOVE the Shaka!