Wednesday, July 22

point loma lighthouse and cabrillo national monument

one morning last week we headed to the old point loma lighthouse and cabrillo national monument. there is a chance that some day in the future luke might maybe think about taking a position in point loma so we wanted to check out the area. it's beautiful, obviously.

this is juan rodgiquez cabrillo.  he lead the first european expidition to explore what is now the west coast of the u.s.  and the lighthouse in the background.
the lighthouse:
i love spiral staircases.  
this is the children's room.  the caption in the forefront says:
after their chores were finished the israel boys and thier cousin emma collected shells from the shore, read, or played their banjo and guitar.  live was simpler then.
well, sign me up.  they also got to row a boat across the bay to get to school. this is part of the living room.  i want to live there. the caption there says:
life is lonely here.  captain israel and his family fill the quite hours reading, making crafts from sea shells and sea weed like the frame for the picture over the fireplace, or tend to lighthouse duties.  being miles from town, rarely a visitor drops by.
don't think i would mind the lack of visitors-  all they were really lacking was some surfboards.
so yeah, i would not mind living in point loma.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i wouldnt mind living there or in that lighthouse for that matter- thats for sure! how cool. california is so so great.

liko said...

i wanna raise my kids like the israel boys and emma. simply. no nintendo or all that hullaballoo. and no, don't move! come back to stay!

Smiths said...

Say it isn't so. Who wouldn't love a lighthouse for a home-free stairmaster and the view, but whuh? California girl, huh.

Melissa said...

i like these pictures! especially the stairs.

AJ said...

you are an amazing picture taker. good work A. what fun family outings the Moffats take place in.