Monday, June 1


remember when my car got broken into?  remember when i said i am a believer in karma?  remember when i gave away a bag on good day sunshine?  it all comes full circle.  i entered a giveaway on the lovely mrs jamie's pineapple luv blog a while ago and won! yippie! 
ironic that i am citing karma with the topic of the book?  i think not!   the book came yesterday, along with printed card of her's and a mix cd with some very groovy aloha grooves!
thanks jamie, i love it.  actually started reading the book last night (a big deal since i don't really read these days!) and look forward to reading it all!


heidi said...

i love good karma. i always blame the naughty stuff my kids do on beau's karma from childhood--is that fair to get his?
cruz is doing good in the bed--well, he doesn't come out of the room, but he destroys things before he goes to sleep. so--keep the animal caged if possible (if they truly are alike).

Smiths said...

Where have I been while all this blogging has been going on? Luke, you've been watching too much "My Name Is Earl," which is no longer on the air- bummer. The girls are so cute. I was calculating that by this January, when we reunite, Taj and Velzy will be FOUR!!! and Ivy and Eden will be TWO!!! Holy crapola. Congrats on the book- the purse/car thing should never ever happen. I need to read more.

Valerie, Jeremy, Jt, Kaylen and Sam Page said...

oh man... you are totally caught up since easter... i'm laggiing!
i am glad karma paid of for you....

i love your wallpaper! it is just so cheery!!!

Jamie Watson said...

That's so wonderful Ashley! You just made me smile. And you are so welcome. Happy weekend to you!