Tuesday, June 9

i just put this on etsy.  it's reserved.  i am pretty much out of this color, so i can't make one for myself.  i am a little heart broken.  i need some extra sunshine on this otherwise june gloomy day!

oh, and check out the cute onesies the girl makes who this bobby was made for here.  they are adorable! 


Damaris said...

I wear my little flowers every day. Good thing I got so many different ones. I always get compliments too.

The Cooks in our Kitchen said...

Can you make little ones for a 1 year old? (She has lots of hair, but a little 1 year old head!)

Aubrey Jane said...

It's cute for sure!
I love the girl's painting pictures and that they wash off in the pool!
Luke's pictures were a hoot! When you posted them, Cache Valley was hosting a Mountain Man Rendezvous -and he probably would have fit right in with his 1849 beard. Funny!