Wednesday, May 13

umm, easter.

it was only a month ago, right?  

easter is one of my favorite holidays.  since i was 17 and moved to hawaii, i have missed easter with my family.  i know, how sad having to spend easter in hawaii (and a few in virginia), right?  but i had really missed easter at "home"  for the last 9 years.  it has been the same every year, i talk to my family am sad that i miss them and all the easter festivities and swear that i will be there the next year, and i might have even shed a tear to two.  but it never worked out, between school, expensive flights, babies being born, etc...  so this year was the year, actually living in the same state as my family pretty much guaranteed that we would be together. and we were.  and it was lovely. the girls scowered for eggs at grandma and papa's house morning and night.
then off to church- where the munchkins were occupied by grandma and grandpa, and everyone sitting behind them and we got to listen!
and then on to el adobe for easter brunch.
this has been the tradition in my mom's family for years. i can't remember an easter we didn't go to el adobes. if you have never been there for a brunch, i highly recommend it, it's amazingly great.
we always leave with bellies way way way too full because it's all you can eat and there is the fruit bar, salad bar, fajita bar, omelet bar, kids foods, sea foods, ham, prime rib, tons of breakfast foods, a taco/ burrito bar, and a huge dessert bar. did i leave anything out? the food was great, the company amazing, and the mariachi- he ruled!

and i really tried to get some easter pics of the girls in their white dresses, but they weren't into it. this is the best i could do...

so that was easter. i swear i will be there next year. ;)
and sorry the formating on this post sucks, i have been on the computer way too long and don't feel like fixing it!


liko said...

fun! this Easter was my first without my family. yes. sad. i know how you feel, now. but your Easter looked so fun!

chanel said...

ok (b/c i know you so well???) i KNOW how much you want to be with your fam on Easter- so happy it finally happened!!!! since ive been reading this (one of my fave blogs EVER) I have read a couple easters where you've been missing your family- and el adobe which by the way made my stomach growl!
Happy Easter!

Melissa said...

oooh yummy!

and you guys are a cute family!

Meg and Corbin said...

I had my first easter at "home" in 7 years this year too!

Jen said...

Fun! The El Adobe rocks. I grew up there. Does your family always get the balcony. They have tasty food huh? I think I told you, but I was the Easter bunny there two years. I used to snag some of the Baskin Robins certificates for myself.

Good to see that the Mariachis are still the same guys too.

Easter Dresses said...

Seems like a fun Easter! Great happy photos!