Friday, March 20

formal friday

what do you you do when you come from soccer practice to find a pathway of rose petals leading into your bathroom? you follow it.
and what do you do when this is what you find?

you say yes. creativity of this caliber should never be turned down.
capo valley winter formal 2000

i didn't go to capo. i went to mission. we were really big rivals. really big. like, dress in all black and sneak onto their soccer field at midnight and write "capo sucks" in huge letters with flower in the middle of the field that we were to play on the next day. and splatter catsup, mustard and oil on their bleachers. that kind of rivals. not that i would ever do anything like that on the night before a big game.
date: greg sickels. i meet him once before i came home to the rose petal path. he was a friend of a friend, a younger man (a junior- gasp!), and like i said, i had meet him once. but who am i to turn down a good time?

dress: recycle from my winter formal. my sister just said that i should have worn the crown to this dance, that would have been hysterical. and i dig that i crimped my hair, i think it looked great.

other magical details: we went with his group of his friends and my best friend that was a boy brad and his girlfriend were part of that group, his girlfriend was not nice. in fact, none of the girls liked me, we went to dinner at some fancy italian place and none of them talked to me so i hung with the boys, which was more fun anyways. the dance was on the queen mary and that was super cool and we all danced the whole time. i remember seeing my friends missy and becky there at the dance. oh, and he drove a thing, so we rolled up all dressy-like in one of these:

a thing. and we got lost on the way there. and the gas petal was in the shape of a foot (like a hang ten foot), don't ask me why i remember strange details like this. i just really liked the car. and he had a party after the dance at his house, i left early. the one and only time i was grateful that my parents gave me an early curfew cause i was sick of the annoying girls.

alright, one more week of these. hope you all have a happy first day of spring!


McLove said...

Love the crimped hair! Your formal Fridays are always awesome!

Greg and Diana said...

You crack me up...I wish I had gone to more dances back in High School so I could have more great stories like you =)

echo said...

crimped hair and leopard print. that is like total awesomeness all crammed into one outfit!!

The Trotter Family said...

That is so awesome! You got to ride in a Thing! Capo girls were notoriously snotty (sorry to any former Crapo alum) so that doesn't surprise me at all. I love how you have magical details in it each time. I can't remember any details!

Kindsay and Erik said...

Wow....This is hilarious!!! I also really enjoy the crimped hair.

P.S. That's so cute what Velz said about Ruby. You have the cutest girls!!! And thank you so much for the adorable little shirt you made. Whales are Erik;s favorite animal so he just thought it was the coolest little shirt. I think it's adorable. Thanks so much, I love it!

denae said...

Oh I am going to cry! I want to ride to Prom in a Thing. I would TOTALLY put up with snotty girls for it.
Sadly I woke up & as I lay in bed yesterday morning I thought..."It's Formal Friday!" Man I'm getting lame.

Aubrey Jane said...

When I got home from work, I thought "It's Formal Friday!" I guess I'm getting lame, too. What will you do when it's done?
Love the crimped hair and car!

*brocliface said...

exclamation not question mark!?