Friday, March 6

FORMAL FRIDAY- photo explosion!

if this does not make you pee your pants laughing, nothing will.
senior winter formal. i actually remember this one and it was really, really fun.
date: charles moore. i asked him. wanna know how? well, the dance was in january and it was girls ask guys. i am not the kind of person to just ask, it had to be in a "cool" way. after the christmas holidays we had a 40 of budwieser hanging around my parents house that some one had given my dad in a basket. no one around our house was going to drink it so i decided to take it, get a yellow rose and write on a card something creative. i think it was something like "will you be my bud and go to winter formal with me?" i brought it to a party. he said yes.
dress: i remember struggling to find a dress. finally i found a black one that fit me really good- but it had a lame butterfly pendant on one of the straps. my mom took that off and sewed on the leopard print. grrr. i loved that his tux matched perfectly.
other magical details: i am pretty sure a picture is worth a thousand and a half words when it comes to this post so please scroll on. but i do remember having a super amazingly great time. i loved everything about this dance- rad hair, rad friends to go with, lots of dancing. like i said it was great.
and now, on with the self embarrassment...

our group- CRENSHAW!

but ashley, what is that crown doing on your head? are you a princess too?

king damien and queen me.
funny story: first i have to say this kid was super cool, he played soccer and ran track and was one of the nicest people you will ever meet. that being said, apparently some people didn't think he was the best looking king they had seen. i gave my great-grandma a copy of this picture- she was really proud that her great-grand daughter was a queen. the next time i went over to her house and into her bedroom i noticed the picture on the mirror in her room. how sweet, huh? best part is- she had covered up the king with another picture, all you could see was me. i had to laugh and that picture stayed up on her mirror for a long time.
i am sure his great-grandmother did the same thing to my side of her picture.

does it look like my smile is messed up? my face hurt so bad from smiling at this point. you take pictures before the dance, tons of pictures during the dance then get this crown dug into your head and you have to smile more for a whole lot more. i just remember my face really hurting.
and my parents snuck onto the place that the dance was to listen to see if i won. sneaky kids. i guess they thought it was cool, and i think charles' mom went with them. i don't remember thinking it was all that big of a deal, but i probably did at the time. or maye not.
oh, and my best buddy andd partner in crime, lauren will post a comment saying that she rigged the voting. i like to think that i was just nice and people genuinely liked me, but...

senior girls (if you can't find me it's cause i am cut off on the bottom)

soccer girls

and thats all for now.

you peed your pants didn't you?

see ya next week.


.Ang. said...


I'm loving these formal fridays!

Heather said...

I LOVE your formal fridays as well! PLEASE keep them coming. ps. your date is by far the cutest!

CageQueen said...

Hey!!!! One of the girls from the senior girls pic as my waitress a few weeks ago. I think her name was....Audra? Hmn, maybe I have her name wrong but she is in red and looks EXACTLY the same!!

At that dance I broke up with my boyfriend AT the dance, he punched a wall and broke a knuckle.

Valerie, Jeremy, Jt, Kaylen and Sam Page said...

I am laughing so hard, i cant make up my mind what is the funniest the way you asked charles, your great grandma covering half the pictures, the dorky styles, or picturing your parents sneaking in,(which i totally would do in their shoes too). I love your formal fridays, they are so funny....and this one has got to be my fav!
thanks for the laugh!

betsy said...

oh man ash.
you were always a queen in my heart <3
i am also happy that i was not the only one sporting a glittery cowboy hat to a formal in the year 2000.

heidi said...

i am way impressed with your memory. i have the pictures, but not the memory. funny its so important then and you think you will never forget. i'm glad this one stuck with you--its a good one and now its recorded so 10 years from now when you do forget, it will be here.
later skater.

liko said...

oooh, leopard print, grrrr indeed! and you were the queen! awesome! and the way you asked him - priceless!! a 40 lying around, huh?

liko said...
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Jo said...

oh ash you are awesome. i can so picture eric sneaking in to the dance, except in my mind he is also on crutches.

Melissa said...

ow ow!! love the leopard print!! and he's cute! =)

you were the queen because everyone loved you! just like now...and your still the queen baby!

missy said...

I love that you guys match...did you plan it??

And you were queen?!! Ash, I had no idea. That is so great!

The Bradys said...

ahhhhhhhhahahahah that was great! number one... totally forgot u went with charles lol... number two... totally forgot u won that yr.... number three i think i have asian eyes in the sr girls picture. lol i love formal fridays!!! classic. they get better and better

Denae said...

As usual, Formal Fridays has not let me down. Very enjoyable. Thanks Ash! And yes, there is a little tinkle.

Autumn said...


The Trotter Family said...

I guess I don't remember it all that well. I am trying to think of who I went to Winter formal with that recollection. Oh well, these are freakin' hilarious to look back on. Why did we do that to our hair? Come on, who looks hot with their hair plastered up with hair spray? We all did it though!

McLove said...


lauren said...

yep I did totally rig it, but pretty sure you would have won anyway. I think I just made sure you won by a LANDSLIDE... now why didnt I rig it so Damien didn't win? Oh he was so nice, thats why? These are freakin priceless, and the 40? I dont know if I remember that, but that is hilarious! Keep emm comin..

lauren said...

yep I did totally rig it, but pretty sure you would have won anyway. I think I just made sure you won by a LANDSLIDE... now why didnt I rig it so Damien didn't win? Oh he was so nice, thats why? These are freakin priceless, and the 40? I dont know if I remember that, but that is hilarious! Keep emm comin..

Molly Malia said...

um... never thought that i would live to witness these formal fridays... you all dolled up...

ash, i remember when you wanted to be the wife, but not the bride cause you had to get all dolled up...