Tuesday, February 24

everyday vacation

we have not been spending too much time at home lately.  sometimes i feel like my life is a vacation.  an everyday vacation.  
we have our moments (minutes and hours) when it is definitely not a vacation, but for the most part life is good.  really good.
run down of the last week:
tuesday- my mom and grandma came to visit.  went to gymnastics and they brought us back to my parents so that we could give luke some quite time for finals (his life is not a vacation). did i mention yogurtland?
wednesday- went to huntington to play with lauren and her gang.  
thrusday- played in huntington, surfed with lauren while david watched all four kids who had way too much fun for how cold the water is.
friday- picked up my brothers from long beach airport and surfed strands.  luke joined us after his finals were done and watched the rocker- it rocked.
saturday- surfed DMJ's, ate one of the best breakfast burritos ever, went to niccole's favorite things party, hung out and laughed with my family and friends.
sunday- put curlers in my hair for church and pained my nails red- in honor of winter formal '98. went to church- awesome lessons all around.  made yummmmmmy pizza, then ate yummmmmmy chocolate cheesecake, played some DDR and drove back out to our house.
monday- drove out the "the living desert" with our neighbors had a great time watching animals and the little trains.  and i got to feed a giraffe which was awesome, his long black tongue was surprisingly soft and gentile.  isn't he cute?
i hope this post does not jinx me- but i would not be surprised if a meteor hits my car tomorrow.


liko said...

i really really love this picture of the giraffe!!! lovely!

heidi said...

looks like your surf drought is over. ahh vacations. i am happy the sun showed its face today. hope the meteor misses your car tomorrow. :)

In.A.Nutshell said...

great. now i want a pet giraffe.