Saturday, January 31

single fin disk

the newest addition to our quiver- a 5'7" Erik Olson- too bad the rest of our boards are in hawaii.  we picked it up today, it is pretty much brand new- no dings, cracks, pressure dings.  it is super wide- think shrunken longboard and should be really fun. and the fin is bamboo.  
the guy who we bought it from only rode it 5 times and is selling it cause he has to grow up and buy a house.  man, am i glad we are not grown ups and can buy lots of boards- especially when you get them for half price!  luke is saying it is mine, but that is only because he wants to get a new one for himself soon too- sneaky, sneaky.
ivy approves- she told me in between calls to her agent.
velzy approves- she was telling luke how we can all take turns riding it.
and you know luke approves.
all warm and cozy in it's new home a.k.a. our storage unit.  hopefully it will get taken out to play often. or at least every weekend- being inland-living-weekend-warriors rules!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what a beauty!

liko said...

very nice! and for half price -- awesome! doug is convinced he will lose all his surfing skills being out of the water for so long. did i tell you he snuck in a session last week? yeah, and me and everyone else told him not to do it again for a few months. he is a very sad man.

Melissa said...

what is a quiver?, i really don't know

the board looks really cool...and that's all I can say cause I have no idea about surf boards (im so cool)

ivy cracks me up!

chanel said...

i think you have as many pictures of your new addition as we do of ours! ;) you're the coolest.

Malia said...

SWEET!!! That thing looks awesome! I want one! HOpe you get to play with it soon! and often!

heidi said...

that does look like are you adjusting to your new lifestyle? i guess as long as you know its not forever that helps--along with your skinny jeans! :)

The B's said...

What a beautiful board. I can't wait to surf again, only 6 more weeks until my due date.

lauren said...

yeah more reasons to come see me.