Friday, January 16

it really is the happiest place on earth

luke was done with class early on thursday so off we went to break in our year passes (thanks mom and dad, it's gonna be a fun year!).  velzy was so excited to go that she was good the whole drive there without a video, a-ma-zing.
we only took a few pictures then put the camera away and had fun.  

ivy on "the dumbo train", she had to sit by herself on her own side, and loved it.
velzy's face when she figured out it was "the dumbo train"
"look, no hands."
it was really fun. luke love it.  he hadn't been to d-land since he was 10- so long ago!
dumbo with joe and biny
yum.  the $7 turkey leg weighed more than ivy.


Mahina said...

happy times! that is awesome that you guys got year passes! that is definitely the thing to do if you live there. my mom gets one every year! she also gets one for the grandkids that live in cali. wish we did so we could go whenever we wanted!

Shanae said...

YAY for D-land Kali has been once but is dying to go back, if we make it out to Cali this year we will have to meet up there:)

liko said...

did they love it?? how far is the drive there from where you live??

Missy said...

GET OUT. Did you go on Friday? Megg and I were totally there with our kids (for the morning at least). Can we please meet up there one afternoon? It would be so fun to ride flying dumbos together.

Erika said...

So fun! Why can't we live near a fun place like Disneyland? Instead, we've got a lot of free museums...which is fun, but the girls don't really care too much for them yet. Does Velzy love the princesses? That'd be Ella's dream to go and hang out with Snow White and the "Hi-Ho's"

Greg and Diana said...

D-land passes are the BEST investment parents can make in SoCal with young kids...we are glad we got them!!! They are invaluable!!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i love me some disneyland! seriously. i liked it before i had ambrose - but we took him last summer when we were on the mainland and it was like the best day of my life as a mother :)

i told thomas that we are going at christmas time no matter what!

Matti said...

How awesome that you have season passes to Disneyland! That would be so fun to just up and go whenever you want.