Monday, December 8

i can't find this video on netflix. christmas tragedy.

anyways, at about 4 minutes into this is what i wanted a clip of- it is when santa comes to pee wee and tells him that he needs all his christmas gifts to give to all the children of the world and pee wee sorta freaks (go figure). then he remembers "christmas is the time we should be thinking about what we can do for others!"

there is a guy in our ward who is in the middle east and there are some people in his unit that don't have anyone writing because they are single and have lost their mothers. which is really sad, especially at chirstmas time, so she gave me a box and i want to fill in in the next few days and ship it out. there are special military postal service office boxes that you can ship for a reduced rate. it's pretty big and i wanted to know if any of you good people want to add to the box? i want to ship it on friday so i think this might be a hawaii friends only offer, sorry.  if any of you want to write a card or send some candy or anything please let me know, i am going to send it to the guy that is from our ward and he will give it out to his friends in his unit. leave a comment, call me or text if you are interested!
and check out the opener to the christmas special- it has service men in it, coincidence? 


Melissa said...

oh I definitely want to put some stuff in. We'll bring something over tonight or tomorrow!

also I still have your thread, but I can't find it in my messy ribbon basket. I'll look for that too!

and would you like a babysitter while you get things done? Kaiya and I would be more than happy to take the job! (not today though cause she puked a couple of times--but is feeling better i hope)

i'll talk to when I drop the stuff off.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

we'll bring something by today or tomorrow... most likely tomorrow!

great idea!

Jen said...

I'll just send you a big fat THANK YOU that you can print out and send in the box from our family.

Way to go on the "reason for the season" Ash. You Rock as usual!

click on over to see me and we can get the Cali's to get into the spirit too.

Mahina said...

that is awesome that you are sending stuff over! i wish we were closer so we could add something to the box!

chanel said...

you rock! what a super way to give this season!