Monday, December 1



did i mention we move december 25th.

and happy too.
and curious.
and a little overwhelmed at all i need to do.

wow, december already.


Melissa said...

weird, that our little friends will be off island in a month.
but I'm happy that you have a new adventure awaiting you.
it's good that you're leaving on Christmas because then you don't have to worry about getting something for your kids that you'd just have to find something to do with before you moved anyway.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i was pretty much going to say everything melissa just said- so ditto!

so glad you'll be coming back!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Yeah, November flew even though it was a "long" month! I didn't know you were moving on Christmas! Where are you guys going? That is curious and so exciting! What fun adventures moving brings!

Autumn said...

We for sure need to plan a camping trip together while your back in CA! That would be fun! Jan 1st I am on the phone trying to get a spot at San Elijo for a whole week in July, email ya all the details. Your allowed to get 2 spots per person, the cool thing if you want to cancel only 7 bucks!
Can't believe Christmas is around the corner!
This whole year flew by!
However, I am ready for a New Year!
Good luck packing!
p.s.- love photo of two girls hugging (tackling) each other

Mahina said...

malia mentioned that you guys were moving to cali for school! that is exciting. i can't believe you are moving on christmas! what a day to move!

good luck getting ready for the big day! having just gone through it i don't envy you!

The Grahams said...

Wow, moving on Christmas?! Pretty brave..... i guess the airports wouldn't be as busy though. Good luck with the move!! If this baby happens to come this week we just might be down there, so maybe we will get to see you guys! I love those pictures in the previous post.... way too cute

kelly said...

wow, what a moving day! that is coming up quick, isn't it! curious is a great way to describe the feelings before a move.

Matti said...

Hey, I don't know if your girls would like hanging out at my house at all, but I would love to watch them for you for a few hours one day so you can get some packing done. It will be so sad and strange when you guys are gone.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Oh, I just love you, Miss Ashley! I am sad, but excited for you. I will miss you and the girlies.

Smiths said...

I know. Seriously. And I love love love the pictures. Nice works lady. And good luck. Send the kids over anytime you need to really concentrate on packing. And we have a truck too, if you need it. Ha ha. In a more perfect world.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

i think that moving on Christmas is somehow Sacrilegious! How long will you guys be gone for? Are you moving back soon?

by the way, I thought you made the sperm and egg but was not sure...I didnt want to give a false shout out and then feel bad for not recognizing the real person.

Pattee Family said...

I can't believe you guys are moving again. So, no packers this time? Seriously, that's the way to move. I think I'll tell Jon the only way I'll move out of Virginia is if we have someone pack everything and move it. I'm excited for your new adventures in CA...and I'm sure you stoked about being closer to family. One bonus to your moving is that I won't be jealous everytime I check your blog out and you're on some beautiful beach...but I'm sure you'll still be hitting the beach as often as you can in CA. Good luck getting everything ready for the move.

chanel said...

so, im kinda lost. you're moving for school? your commentors are cluing me in.
How great you'll be closer to your fam. What a memorable Christmas!
And yes, it will be nice to not be so completely jealous everytime I check in on you, although CA is still pretty heavenly!
And all the white stuff on our ground is just cold sand- that makes it more fun right???

Jennelle said...

Good luck with the move. It sure isn't the most fun undertaking. Time moves fast doesn't it? I couldn't believe when it was time for Brady and I to leave. I miss Hawaii so much.

By the way...I absolutely adore that first picture of Velzy in the post below. Its is awesome. I think that could actually be enter into a photo contest an win.

heidi said...

okay i'm back in another post, but are you moving to redlands? can't remember. can't believe you are moving so so soon. i would say soak up the rays and the salty water before you are out of there, but i know you do and that is ONE of the many great things about you.

Greg and Diana said...

Hey Ashley!! I was doing some random blog surfing and via someone's blog I noticed your name....You're moving back to CA?? Redlands?? We just moved to Corona, so aren't too far away =) Hope you have a safe move and it was fun to see pics of your girls!!

Aubrey Jane said...

I can't believe that it's December already either. I'm not ready for it yet!
What a crazy day to move! I hope it all goes smoothly and safely.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I'm so excited you guys are moving back for a bit! Bring on the playdates! Deacon is excited. I am in Corona so I think you guys are close to me?????? i don't really know where the heck i live yet, just that it's off the 91 and 20 minutes from orange county. ha.... have fun with the brown boxes! I finally got rid of mine, hooray!

Molly Malia said...

hey if you pay my way i'll come help you unpack... me and the boy... hey what else am i going to do during maternity leave? it's cold here.