Saturday, December 27

ain't that the truth.

(photo stolen from surfline)


Autumn said...

My hubby always says that! It is his nice way of "Get the hell out!" Welcome to cold, rainy, windy California! Just kidding, the weather has been bad the last 3 weeks (haven't surfed in 2 weeks and 2 days!), but hopefully done. I leave early Monday morning to Tahoe for a week, so lets get together when I return! Glad your flight was good! See ya real soon!

Smiths said...

I'm really nervous and excited about your move inland and to a "cold" place. I really hope you can keep a better attitude about it all than me. I'm happy to hear it's going smoothly so far. A day at a time will eventually get you back to HI- I know it!

aaron and meg facer said...

Welcome to California! Too bad the surf stinks. But I'm very glad the flight went so well.