Tuesday, November 4

luke has cool friends

as i loaded up my groceries and girlies today into the truck this guy parked a few stalls away from me complemented me on my lightning bolt shirt.  he looked familiar but i could not remember who he was.  we talked for a minute about old lightning bolt boards are and how jerry lopez is super cool. then he asked me if i surf and and he introduced himself- "hey, i'm tamayo."  duh, your tamayo!  this tamayo:

lukes old surfing buddy and pipe master tamayo. we chatted for a while longer- he told me how my girls look like luke and asked if they are surfing yet and then gave me his number- for luke of course- i ain't no "pro-ho", and he's married to a cute girl named emilia who surfs really good. anyways, it's always fun to run into an old friend.


Jen said...

I just caught up on your blog!

You win the coolest blogger award.
The girls are so funny. Love this years costumes.

How's Ivy's finger?

Pro Ho!! HAHA.

heidi said...

man luke is a star--not porn, but he surfed with with tamayo perry and knew jack johnson? sweet. who else does he know? :)
your girls look like they loved halloween--i'm sure they thought having pink hair was super fun. can't wait to meet them.

katrina said...

dang girl, bonus point for using the term "pro-ho" in a blog. seriously laughing out loud!

Autumn said...

His friends might be cool, but yours are way cooler!
Hello don't people know who I am?
Hee! Hee!
By the way if I wasn't married I would have no shame being a pro ho, ha! ha!
Always had a thing for Rob M. Remind me to show you my hubby's college id, he had a fro just like him, remember that was in the 70's, I married an old fart!

Sara said...

Hi. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw pics of your girls. Could they get cuter? I'm not just saying that. So you're back in Hawaii eh? Of course you are and I am jealous. I noticed that you like all things that start with "S" on your bio so it's a good thing my name is Sara. Where are you at in Hawaii? I have to many questions to ask in this little square!!!

Katie said...

I think Velzy look so much like your mom! I guess Ivy looks like Luke though. How fun to run into an old friend that just happens to be a pro surfer!

liko said...

pro-ho -- my first time hearing that term, but it fits the description right on. oh, THAT tamayo. we had dinner with them in haleiwa once, back in the wild days of my (stupid) youth...haha.
are he and luke classmates from kahuku?