Tuesday, November 25

buy handmade!

today, tomorrow, and everyday, but especially on saturday! 
come by bj smith's house- its just off Kam hwy, across from what used to be mickey's motors and past the HRI condos on bikini beach (off the highway towards the point).  echo, melissa and i (they didn't know to put your name's on the flyer, sorry.  i didn't even know my name was going to be on the flyer) will be sharing a table of "really super cool crafty handmade awesomeness" that you don't want to miss!  so come by and say hi!
and apparently laie elementary is having a garage sale/craft fair saturday too.  
tis the season!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i wouldnt miss it!

Jennelle said...

I wish I could come! I would love to behold all of the craftiness you girls poscess.