Friday, September 12

a wednesday full of needles

-ivy finally had her 15 month check up- only 2 months late, not too bad.  and she got 4 shots.  youch! 4.  that's a lot.  usually i am for spacing them out but oh well, it's done now.  i guess its all for her own good anyways, when you get in the dr's office and start to pick up the 50 different brochures that velzy and ivy have thrown all over the floor with pictures of kids with the nasty diseases that you are immunizing them from it makes you feel a little better about your decision to have them stuck with a needle.  especially living here in hawaii where the climate is perfect for "germ orgies" as luke told my mom once- still laughing about that one.  so naturally the combo of the shots and getting a new tooth kept her up late.  she got to watch project runway with betsy, melissa, and i, which will hopefully inspire her to become handy with some needles of a different kind some day.  

- i went to the dentist to have my broken tooth of over 3 years finally fixed and the last of my cavities filled.  i had a cavity on both sides of the bottom of my mouth so the dentist offered to just do one side at a time, but no way dude- i drove all the way here and it's my last time coming for at least a year so shoot me up with the good stuff and get the show on the road.  so he did- he shot the first side and all of the sudden there was a jolt of lightning going threw my lip, it was shocking and weird.  apparently he hit a nerve.  then on to the right side, when all of the sudden another bolt of lightning but this time threw my tongue, which was even more shocking and weird.  apparently, he hit another nerve.  he left for a few minutes and my mouth went numb, but only the left side and my tongue.  he gave me the option of going on with the right side and seeing if it would hurt or not.  you serious?  no way, i would rather have a needle stuck in my gums when i know it's gonna happen than a surprise attack from a drill- more of the good stuff buddy.  so he shot me up some more.  needless to say, my whole mouth was ridiculously numb.  my tongue was fat and useless and 4 hours after the initial injections, it was so funny.  i seriously considered pulling over at the polynesian tattoo and piercing shop on my way home to pierce my tongue and get a moku, decided against that though. 
- and i like to play with needles too.  i have been embroidering like crazy these days- quick photo-hopefully these will be sold at the sunset beach farmers market in a few weeks!

ok, enough of the needle talk, it's friday and we are off to the beach!


echo said...

teeth are so annoying when they are causing pain cause they hurt and they cost so much! i am glad you are all better though.
i love your onesies. will you teach me to embroider? i have always wanted to learn and that is one skill i cannot seem to wing or teach myself.
see you at sunset.

echo said...
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Matti said...

Yeouch! I hate the Dentist. I had to go sooooo many times after I had Eden, and I always wished they would just get it all done while i was there instead of having to find a sitter each time. I had too much work to get done, I went to the dentist for what seemed like every 2 weeks for MONTHS. I even had to get a root canal redone that some bone-head didn't do right the first time.

Damaris said...

just did picnik today and noticed that some of the collages are free for none premium users. Go check it out!
btw, I totally one one of your cute onsies. I need to get pregnant first!

liko said...

love your cute onesies!!! good idea about the farmer's market. poor ivy. hope she's a lot better. see you at the beach!

Holladay Photo said...

good times. your dentist story made me cringe. the onsies look great! we had to get the kids TB tests the other day and Ruby fussed when she was getting hers while Atticus watched. Then it was his turn. He didn't even bat an eye. He looked right at her while she was doing it and had no distress. so funny.

Mahina said...

what a happy wednesday! we are wanting to get all of the girls doctor's appointments in before we move so we will have some time to find nes doctors when we get to abq. poor lala will have to get 4 shots as well! i hate it when they have to get shots! it's so bad with kawena that nani hates to even be in the room with us when she gets the shots. it makes nani so sad to see her sister scream like that. nani' is our sensitive and tender child!

when my husband gets dental work done he won't get the novicane becuase he hates the numb feeling that he has the rest of the day. so, he toughs it out without the drugs and has never complained once! so, he convinced me to try it, "hey you give birth with no pain meds! why can't you get a little cavity filled without drugs?" so, i tried it. it was actually better than being numb the rest of the day. it is a bit harder to relax though when you don't know if they will hit a nerve as they drill!

Autumn said...

Ok the embroidering is adorable! I am so jealous of crafty people (I have a sister that is amazing at everything) so I hope that doesn't change our BFF friendship that I am not! Ha! Ha! Sorry about all the needles, felt nauseous just reading about it, I pass out when a needle touches me!!

JulieAbundo said...

Yikes, hey might as well get it all over with in one day. I don't envy you at all.

Melissa said...

wow woman, that sucks! I'm really glad you didn't get a moku by the way. I'm not thinking it would be to flattering. but what do I know?

your onesies are killer! I love the honu. very cute.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm a friend of Betsy's and I just have to say, I love your onesies! I love to embroider and I've always wanted to embroider on onesies and little baby clothes but I don't have time anymore now that I work full time. I miss it! I was also wondering, I know this is totally going to sound weird but my Beehives want to learn how to you have any cool tips or ideas on how to teach them about embroidery? please email me back if you can at imallheart at gmail dot com

Thanks! by the way have you ever checked out They have some really cool patterns!

Have a nice day!

Carol ;D