Wednesday, September 17

happy birfday gamma

i have to start by saying sorry to gamma- i totally forgot that today is your birthday.  honesty, my calender was still on august and i don't pay much attention to the date these days, and i am just a bad daughter.  i hope that the cuteness of my daughters might makeup for my lack of whatever it may be that i am lacking and the fact that i didn't send you a card or anything.
i love you.  thanks for being such a great mom and example to me.  hope you have a happy day. 


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

although that whole video was very cute and awesome- my favorite part was the "or not...?" at the end :)

Mahina said...

i love how ivy is just watching velzy sing and then starts pushing her! too cute! you can tell she adores her big sister!

Autumn said...

Cute and I love the tattoos! I have one and I will die when my kids get one. I am so the "do as I say not as I do" mom! Ha! Ha!
Ok love your comments, I crack up out loud!
I tell my friends about you and I told my hubby when we move to Hawaii we have to be next door neighbors! Our girls will be BFF's for sure!
Impressive on the double overhead surfing. I am done once it is head high, however, on a point/reef break might be a different story. So over the beach breaks!
My shortboard is a 6/3 but it is my challenge, more comfortable on the 7/3 and 8/4, however, I love the duck diving aspect of the shortboard!!
Chit Chat soon!

Melissa said...

That was way better than any card!!

that was so stinkin cute!