Tuesday, September 30


today was just one of those days.
in a rut.
feeling like poop.

after the girls had a bath velzy asked for "a fast song" to dance to on my bed before she got her jammies on.   sure, why not.  so i turned on the ipod in it's bose dock (possibly my favorite home appliance) and turned it up really loud and this is what came on:

as i was holding ivy dancing/jumping around watching her little face glow with glee as she giggled and watching velzy jump as high as she possibly could while shouting "am i so high now?" it all melted away.
i put them to bed happily, put away some groceries, folded some laundry, cleaned up some toys, vaccumed and swiffered the floor, took a shower and finished my mermiad embroidery that will hopefully turn into a backpack for her birthday.

who doesn't love flogging molly?


Mahina said...

it's always good to get out of those funky days! glad your girls could pull you out of it! i would have loved to see the girls jumping and dancing to the music! that probably would have done it for me, too!

Jane said...

Everybody hoas those days. Did you read the re-post on nienie today? There you go.

BTW...I can hear the surf, must be getting big!


echo said...

i for one, love flogging molly. you can't help but get a nice pick up from their music.
on a different note: could we use the truck tonight? i totally forgot to text you about. if it is to late of notice that is ok. let me know.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i've definitely felt like that before and there's nothing like a awesome dance party with your baby (babies in your case) to help you get out of the funk.

Lucky Mommy said...

I love those turnaround days. Nothing like kids laughing to turn things right-side up again!

Melissa said...

okay I have not heard flogging molly forEVER!!! like since a was a freshman.

those days are THE WORST! i'm glad they got you out of your funk. I'm a little tiny bit relieved to hear that I'm not the only one who gets like that once in a while.

echo said...

ps. we should make one of the friday beach days at bathtubs.

Jessica Brown said...

that video is awesome. i know i love flogging molly, it often motivates me to get going.

Anna K. said...

That Flogging Molly song totally brought back memories for me. So fun!