Thursday, August 28


we went to visit the iosepa in it's new home at the pcc with velzy's little preschool that we have all but dropped out of lately.  
the canoe is beautiful and it was really fun to hear stories about their last voyage to the big island.  velzy is playing with her friend he'hea (sp?) who's grandpa did a lot of the work on the canoe.  


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hey, that'll be me and amby soon... we start preschool tuesday

liko said...

LOVE the pictures -- looks like fun! you made me an addict, ashley. you spilled the beans and i really just couldn't help myself. once i get started i have to force myself to QUIT WITH THE PICTURE EDITING!!!

Autumn said...

Love the post about "if our kids will remember." I figure between all the photos, journal writing, scrapbooking and now blogging, they will know how much fun they had and how much they were loved! Or so I hope, ha, ha!!!