Wednesday, August 6

if aj can do it so can i...4th of july

this is like a huge firework went off on my blog and there are random 4th pictures everywhere from all through out the day from surfing churches, to bodysurfing crescent, to bbq at gagsters. it was a really fun day.  in fact, if i had to have a groundhogs day type experience, i think that this would be a great day to repeat over and over and over again.  friends, family (missing mom and brynn cause they were off in greece), great waves, yummy food, and fireworks.  does it get much better than that?
and once again, i figure when i make this blog of mine into a book i will take the time to put them in order and label them.  until then, well, sorry.

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Missy said...

The second to last one of V...I hope you have it framed Ash.