Sunday, June 1

tiggity tag

karen and malia- combining your tags.

4 things you may not know about me:
-i can't handle the sound of chalk on a chalk board, even the sound if it being erased makes me cringe. same with the sound of a popsicle being bitten, i have chicken skin just thinking about it.
-sometime i enjoy hanging out with 2 year olds more than hanging with their parents.
-i am thinking about starting a surf mom blog for any and all mom's or girls who surf- good idea? let me know about that one.
-asian tourists love my blond bebes, today they got their pictures taken with some random ones, again. and they have been mobbed in the grocery store but groups of japanese teens a couple times, i think we should move to japan and make our kids pay the bills by being models.

4 places i go over and over:
-the beach
-the bathroom
-the park
-the beach

4 people who email me:
-my dad
-lds daily jems
-g-ma kitty
-and a lot of crappy spam

4 fave foods:
-any and all fruit
-anything italian- calzones!
-thai- but minus the peanuts, i'm allergic
-melona bars

4 places i would rather be (how bout places i enjoy being):
-8 santolina, or anywhere with my family.
-i really want to go to indo
-can't wait to go to australia/new zealand someday
-don't know, i am happy where i am

4 movies i watch over and over (changing this to last 4 movies i watched and really enjoyed):
-august rush
-elizabeth part 1 & 2 (enjoyed 2 more)
-lars and the real girl
-flight of the concords season 1&2- still have the songs in my head

4 people i tag:
helium (so you have to blog)
nancy (so you hopefully put up something new)
kristen tu'ifua
kaity demartini


Mahina said...

i still need to do this tag from malia, too! i am getting around to it!

i love that you put the bathroom for one of the places you can go over and over! so funny!

and that cracks me up about the asians and your blond babies!

btw, i tagged you too. check it out on my blog!

lauren said...

um ok i will do it. even though my last post was for you, i guess i can do another? and im going to have to watch some of those movies you put up there, iv been wanting to watch the lars one for some time, so now that it comes recommended i got to get on that! and dont you love the random people that want to take your kids pics! that has happened to us a d land and at first i was kinda creeped out, but since they are just cute little asians, im guessing they are not child molesters, so i let them. still kinda weird though. but i figure iv wanted my pic taken with random cute kids in mex, so kinda the same concept. save a memory of another culture.

Jen said...

Cool! Love the new pics of the fam!

Smiths said...

Love the picture of luke and the little Ivy... you've got a real knack for taking photo's. Glad she's doing a little better. Sick babes are the worst.

I love reading tags but never end up doing them myself... glad the other Jill did it for me. Ha ha.

Do I still count as a surf mom? I surf from time to time and have surfed with both the little ones in my baby bucket... I'd only have memories to add for the most part.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i would love the surf mom blog mainly because i am a wannabe. i surfed a little in california and hawaii before i met t-mass but never since... he has been nothing but trouble. :)

i would love to live vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

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