Friday, May 2

friday randomness

i can post about this now since velzy just had an accident- and only because her hands were all lathered up getting peanut butter off of them and could not pull down her undies to go on the potty. but, before that she had been accident free since the "pee on mom in church" fiasco on sunday, as well as waking up from all naps and in the mornings dry. amazing. i just didn't want to post this till she did have an accident because i knew i would jinx myself.
so it has been a good week. we also had fun surfing yesterday morning at chuns, crappy surfing on wednesday at pupukea, went to the discovery garden with velzy's little preschool as well as story time at the kahuku library, went to a fun educational fair last night at wailua high school where uncle kris is student teaching and velzy enjoyed the bounce house and some ono shave ice, and we just returned from laie elementary may day celebration at the pcc, which was awesome. i can't wait for my little blondies to be out there shaking their little hips. i can't even begin to describe how cute/cool all the kids are that were in it, and the kindergartners were hysterical. i wish i would have had my camera.
and i have a major flower obsession right now (ok, all the time). this is on a lilikoi vine, rad huh?
oh, more exciting news- ivy started walking! i am on my way to go get the videos from connie's camera right now so i can upload them. stay tuned.


Mahina said...

good job to velzy! i know what you mean about jinxing the potty training success! it's best not to brag about that sort of thing, i have found!

living in a place like hawaii, it would be hard NOT to have a flower obsession! beautiful!

The Trotter Family said...

I always got the feeling that Waialua High School was closed or something because it always seemed empty. Good to know it is being used! Anyway, I am so jealous that you have her potty trained. I am not looking forward to doing it!

Smiths said...

I'm so grateful that you are appreciative of the cool hawaiian stuff like the lilikoi blossoms. Really glad to hear that she's getting the hang of going potty like a big girl. After reading your storries I've started doing some cramming so I can be at least as ready as you are for P.T. Yikes.
I was under the impression that Ivy was walking already for some reason. She's officially a toddler now. Good luck and have fun!