Thursday, April 10

i wasn't joking about the sugar high

and that was just one night...not to mention the melona bars, ted's pies, three things of roselani ice cream, and jelly beans.
we have had so much fun last week... despite ata airlines (which they flew) going bankrupt the day after they got here and some less than perfect weather, we had a blast.
here is proof (from three different cameras):
they got here wednesday, so we stocked up at costco and were off to the beach. then came home and unpacked the new board that luke bought on ebay and had my dad bring out. isn't she a beauty?thrusday-
morning spent finding new plane tickets at outrageous prices.
spent afternoon having a picnic and beach combing 7th hole in kahuku. playing with a ghost crabgrandma and i walk on water

happy 50th to my DOD ("dear ol dad" as i like to call him)

rain and wind chased us to haleiwa where my dad fell in love with his dream "wall hanger" surfboard- a yater longboard, deck adorned with abalone shell and a beautiful mermaid. she was hot:

then on to waikiki to escape the rain, where we played and the squal followed us, then left us in some fun sunshine. as much as i am not a fan of waikiki, it really is fun to go there and play every once in a while. the evening was spent at haleiwa joe's (the one in haiku gardens- way better than the one in haleiwa, if you ask me) for birthday dinner and dessert(s). yummmmmmmm.
luke, the 50 year old, and i surfed pua aina (is that how you spell it?) for a few hours and came home to sunshine and played in the moffat's backyard.
i have the coolest grandma ever-
sunday- was not a day of rest-
we went for a walk on the beachif you can see ivy's face it says pure joy, the kid is a crack up.watched general conference- how good was Elder Ballard's talk to moms? and how cool is President Monson? very good and very cool.
while watching conference my multi-tasking amazing mom whipped this up: gagster is an amazing colorer. adam and i taught her everything we know.
then we took another walk on the north shore bike path, came home for naps, and had a early birthday party for little miss ivy.
much to every ones surprise she didn't really dig in to her cake. just ate some frosting, put her foot in it a few times, and then was done. velz was a big help though.the moffat/kositwongsakul/billings crew:75, 50, 25, 1. i won't tell which one is which. and i don't have eyes.monday-
surfed haliewa with riley and my dad. still a little windy, but there were long peeling lefts on the inside for fun little nose rides.
finally made it to romy's for shrimp with grandma.

spent the afternoon at turtle bay playing around.
that night my dad took velzy flashlight hunting. honestly, is there a cuter grandpa out there? don't even try to answer yes to that one, cause i have a million reasons why my dad is the best grandpa.the first catch a gorilla, then they found a hunting dog, which was supposed to be first. he has a camo shirt and his name is bingo.the hunterstuesday-
surfed allllll morning at chuns, with luke, my dad and riley. my dad and riley also surfed piddley's and kamasugis. lovely. tried out the new board, and i am love, it's amazing. we have to get another one so that luke and i don't fight over it. i want an orange one.
afternoon was rainy, but we hung on the beach behind where my parents were staying.
meet up with luke at kua aina for some burgers for dinner and ended the evening with some more pie. and the hunters went out and found a bear and tiger.
surfed goat's on longboards with out leashes. i swam a lot.
drove to the airport and said bye to three of my favorite people.
velzy was crying for papa when she went to bed and when i went in to talk to her she was saying "me miss papa." so sad. but we got tickets to come to california for two weeks in july!
today- doing laundry, trying to remember how to be a mom by myself, swearing off candy and treats for a bit and spending all of nap time on this huge post.


Smiths said...

Wow. I miss your family now too. That sounded like the trips to Hawaii that I daydream about. I agree that Haiku gardens Haleiwa joes is way mo bettah. Glad your back.

Maryam said...

Yeah, your parents are pretty much #1. I am such a BIG fan of them. I don't think I've met anybody that laughs as much as your dad does!

tonya said...

You guys had SO much fun! And, I totally agree, your dad is a super cute grandpa, your mom is a totally rad grandma and queen multi-tasker! How cute is that cake? If I remember correctly, all of you Billings kids had the teddy bear on your first bday, right?

And, YES, Elder Ballard's talk rocked. Exactly what I needed to hear.

I'm excited you guys are coming out in July!

McLove said...

How fun. I miss Hawaii. Crazy about your parents tickets. I can't believe ATA went under. That bday cake is awesome.

betsy said...

I love the huge recap of events. And I was in shock with that first picture of those massive desserts! Holy! I want to go to Haleiwa Joe's for my birthday...dessert.

Holladay Photo said...

super cute grandpa and family- you guys surfed your brains out and had tons of fun- family visits are the best! happy birthday Ivy!

Iggy Bloggit said...

hahahahahhhhahhaha i am laughing my @$$ off about that last picture of the hunters. toooooo cute!

The Bradys said...

so jealous!!! sounds like u guys had a great time! youre parents are rad ash and those two girls are very lucky to have em!!!

so excited u guys are coming in july... when will u be here? were doing wys bday on july 6th, hope yer here then!!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

My goodness you have been busy! Yay for family getting to come out and visit! I love the 4 generations of your family picture- that is priceless! Gosh I miss Hawaii all the time and you are just so lucky to call that place home!

Jen said...

Oh Ash!! You guys had so much fun! And you were able to pakc so many things into one week! Your parents (and grandma) sound like the best! Good times ay?

The Trotter Family said...

It is like you are on an endless vacation! I love the picture of Velzy feeding Ivy her birthday cake. Happy b-day Ivy!

SMALL and TALL said...

sure does look like u had a blast! your dad is one of my favorite peeps from the old ward. when r u coming for a visit? lets hit up yogurtland when u come.

Jennelle said...

Whew, I need a nap! I am completely exhausted after reading about your fun filled week. And by the way thanks for mentioning Melona bars and Ted's pies...I am doing everything in my power not to hop in my car right now and take a drive right on down to Ted’s. Brady has to put me on sugar probation from time to time…I am so pathetic. Looks like everyone had such a blast...makes me miss mi familia. Hopefully I will see ya soon. =o)

Katie said...

Looks like you had such a great time with your family in town! And can I just tell you how much I miss Melona Bars??? Mmmm, my favorite!!! Wish I can make a trip back there :(

lauren said...

you better live it up while you can lady cuz you be callin r town your home in no time! jk and yes your dad is rad we all know that, and dar and gaggsta too. sounds like you had a blast, cant believe beez would not want to come along on a time like this... and did i really read about a cali trip in july? i might just have to cancel my trip to "zion"

Missy said...

This was the best post. It recapped everything, made me feel like I was there and the pictures were great. Such fun times Ashley. Glad you got so much surfing in.

Stephanie said...

WOW! Are you allowed to have that much fun in one week?!?! What a cool family you have!

Melissa said...

Seriously kinda reminds me of my family except minus all they surfing, my parents kinda gave up on that when they moved o Utah. But we go all over the place when hey come out here.
I wish you lived closer to your family for your sakes, cause you guys have lots of fun together.

Also you look like your Dad, and your mom and grandma look a lot like each other in that picture with all four of you.

okay bye, lets hang out now. I'm calling you monday.

Smiths said...

And your hair looks long. Your mother is extremely talented. I hope all the dads out there heard that killer talk about moms. And some friends of mine that got screwed on the ATA bankrupcy got riembursed through the credit card they payed with, so hopefully your parents wont have it be a total loss.

Lacey said...

i couldn't believe how big ivy was and then i kept reading and really can't believe she is already one. WOW ! time flies, and velzy looks just like you especially in the i wanna go to the beach pic! cute!

Leilani said...

So do you live in Hawaii or Cali?

Molly Malia said...

okay, so i'm totally homesick, thanks! i can't wait to get out there... can i try the new board? oh and we need to get kasey out in the water this summer... i am cutting off shark week here, we're not going through this again this year!
i miss you family! they are always tons of fun and caring. tell them hi for me...
oh, and kasey was so proud of v's shirt!
mmm teds... can you have some in the fridge for me when i get there... i'd be mui thankful!

heidi said...

awesome. i mean AWESOME! what a great week and what great grandparents for all of you--you can tell you are related 1, 25, 50, 75...ivy has to have a kid in 24 yrs to keep that one going. can you imagine being the grandparent? weird.