Thursday, March 20

i got tagged by liz, and am so bad at doing tags. working on actually doing them...

10 years ago i was:
15 and a sophmore in high school. super into soccer, listening to punk rock, the aquabats and country music (don't even ask how all of those go together), missing my best friend helium who moved to huntington for a while, thought i was in love with mark kellick (ha ha ha.). why does 10 years ago seem so long ago?

5 things on my to do list today:
clean (whick velz is doing for me right now), velz pre-school, make a few whale onsies at nap time, get an etsy shop (goal to have stuff in it this weekend), go beach!

6 things i would do if i was a billionaire:
buy a private jet and travel, purchase a little cottage at malibu and a little cottage at waimea, supply those houses with lots of surfboards, help out at lot ($ and time) with humanitarian aide, eat all organic and super healthy, hand out random cash to people who look like they could use it

3 bad habits:
wasting time on the computer
eating too much candy
not caring that there are toys all over the floor, all the time- i think it shows that we have a good time and they are just going to get thrown all over again so why put them away?

5 places i have lived:
orange, irvine, and rsm california
laie hawaii
provo utah (all six glorious weeks)
mclean and reston virginia

5 jobs i have had:
baluka juice- i am sort of a smoothie expert
byuh fitness center- fired for letting in people that i was not supposed to and not being an exs. major
byuh intermurals- best job ever, i was on the clock while we surfed a few times
turtle bay spa slave- at least all the physical labor made sure i didn't gain weight while prego with velzy
mom- still figuring this one out

things most people don't know about me:
i used to think that everything has feelings, for example when i was little i would use every crayon to color with cause i didn't want the other ones to feel left out.
i can't think of anything at the moment...

i tag- helium, amy, betsy, and jill


The Bradys said...

k i am dying... mark kellick-im gonna double gag for you lol

country music-garth brooks singing into coke bottles at my house!!! o how i loved being 15.

baluka juice- seriously loved that place!!!! i would ride my bike there at least 3 days a week lol

thanks for the tag, this should be fun!!

lauren said...

ok so when you posteds the post about luke i was totally thinking about mark, and all the weirdness that surrounded that time in our lives. funny. garth and the aquabats..... good times. and baluka.... throwing oranges in the FANS! we were so random! i'll see if i can do this one for ya. yours gave me a good laugh.

AJ said...

When I was younger I felt guilty for getting too old and having to put my dolls in a cardboard box. So I kept a few out and then I felt even more guilty because some were in the box and some were still out kicking it.

Lacey said...

i love the that you cared so much about each crayon, that is actually really sweet!

Candace said...

hey Ashley, you won!

send me your address to

chanel said...

the crayon thing hits home, my Julia has it going on too- REALLY FUNNY! when she leaves for preschool she literally leaves me a list of things to do for her stuffed animals while she's gone.

Molly Malia said...

you want to talk about being guilty... i used to break betsys glasses when we were kiddies cause i wanted to have glasses and didn't need them... mom was always taping them.

loved the tag by the way. it made me miss you and home.

Anonymous said...

Mark Kellick has been known to make the ladies gag. His great great grandfather may have been African America, although no evidence supports this theory.