Friday, February 15

*sidenote- i did not mean to post this when i first did this afternoon. if it sounded like i was on crack, it's cause i meant to save it and then come back tonight to finish. oppps!

the forgotten days of love
#13 & 14
thanks amy for calling me out on my neglect of the last 2 days of love.
i love little miss ivy and hot meat (velzy). because i was not really in love with them yesterday i didn't get around to posting about them, but they are both naping now so i think we are back up to love status. what can i say about my little buddies? all i know is that i really don't feel complete when i don't have them with me. i just love 'em.

yesterday marked ivy's 10 months of breathing air so i need to do her little update.

*she loves to eat any and everything, i think this was on the list last month too, but this time i have photo proof: this is the chunk that she ate from the cheerios box while i did some quick shopping yesterday. this chunk also was the reason that when luke went in the girls room at ten last night she was laying in a pool of her own vomit. and it was also the reason that she was laying in another pool of her own vomit when she woke up at five this morning. luckily, the cardboard came out, along with some of a jello box and she has not thrown up again. i know, i really need to work on my parenting skills.
*she loves the beach and charges the water. she is at that age where she does not know she has anything to be afraid of and so she just goes. i love it. her lack of common sense has also helped velzy to loosen up a little and be more fun in the water.
*new favorite past time- climbing. and as a result- lots of bloody lips from bonks and little falls.
*shreeeeeeeeech. did you hear that? it was ivy, she is quite the screacher these days.
*she's being forced into taking a bottle, i am over nursing. 1o months is good right? i am over the biting and not feeling like she is getting enough so she is working on the bottle a couple times a day. she does not really love it, but does not really have a choice. sorry little one!
*she loves playgrounds. loves to crawl up slides then belly slide down them, it is so funny. the other day while at the park she got quite a long open mouth kiss from this cute little tongan boy, and loved it, held his little arm as he tenderly kissed her. this might be a problem in a few years.
and since i never write little velzy updates, 28 months is not really a stand out month, i should do a little.
*i am happy to report that she is getting really into the beach. this was our conversation this morning:
me: velz, i think it's nap time
vz: no, me awake, me go beach.
me: well, i can't really argue with that.
she was super into the water today and everytime i tried to get her out she said "back to the water" makes a mom proud.
*she also loves to tell me what is going on, and says it over and over and over. this morning when i was feeding ivy she gave me the play by play- "mommy feed baby, baby milk mommy boobies (who taught her that???), baby bite mommy, hurt mommy, mean baby, baby eat, baby happy now. juice please!" i guess it is just novel to me because i am so used to her not talking.
*and she is in that "no mommy me do it" stage. she thinks she is so independant.
*occasionally we try potty training and occasionally she does good and occasionally she does not. she was stoked to get some elmo undies from my mom and did great for a little while then not so good and i am really not that on the ball right now and i gave up that evening. she likes to tell me after the fact, why can't she do it before? i think i need to read up on this stuff and any pointers are appreciated.


Molly Malia said...

i love those girls and miss them so much! ivy is loving those teeth isn't she, even taking bites out of you huh? i wish that i could put everything down for the beach cause the little one asked... must be nice...
hey much agreed upon on living by each other... i need some family near by...

The Bradys said...

haha no problem.... glad u caught up.. love seeing those smiling faces! And omg how blonde are they right now, geeso!

The Trotter Family said...

Go you, 10 months is great. I couldn't make it passed 3 and half months! Believe me, you have saved your family a bundle!

Iggy Bloggit said...

why is velzy's nickname hot meat? did i miss that explanation?
love the velzy conversations... you should definitely put more of those on here as they happen! :)

Jen said...

Hot Meat?? That's funny.

Little Miss Ivy is geting to be almost as funny as her big Sis.

Isn't it great how the babies have no fear? I remember Makena being like that last summer at the beach. I wish they stayed like that.

Great Post Ash. Oooh I like the shoe's too!

I have no advice on the potty training yet. But ask Asher, he's a professional now!

Aubrey Jane said...

Potty training is all about charts & incentives. Stickers & candy work well. Good Luck! Cute Girls!

chanel said...

soooooo CUTE!!! Loved reading about Velzy, since Lauren and her are so close- very similar girls. LOVE those little conversations and play by plays!!! :)