Thursday, February 7

14 days of love
day # 7
contents of my baithing suit drawer:
3 one pieces
12 tops
12 bottoms (only three matching sets)
2 cute little sun dresses

believe it or not i just threw some out too. i love a good baithing suit. i guess even more than having them, i love to wear them. if i had it my way, all i would wear all day, everyday is a baithing suit and sun dress. that or a white t and jeans. i would like to thank the r.s.m. ross for $4.99 seperates without which, most of this collection would not be possible.
my abc-check stopped working and i can't spell. so, sorry for anyone who is bugged by my lack of spelling skills.


Katie said...

I love bathing suits too! Before I had Mia I had tons of bikinis...thanks to stretch marks I'm all about tankinis now! Haha!

Jen said...

If I had a bod to wear them, I'd have tons.

I thought it was just my spell check that was broken. what's up with blogger??