Wednesday, February 13

14 days of love

i love the sound of a plane flying overhead on a clear sunny day. you know how a certain smell or sound will transport you back to a different place or time? this is totally what happens to me every time i hear a little plane fly overhead. it takes me back to warm summer days hanging with the fam at shaw's cove with low flying planes overhead, banners in tow. it makes me think of the cool old people with great tans playing cards under thier huge umbrellas at the bottom of the stairs, asking the lifeguard what time high tide is at so that we knew where to put all our stuff, playing in the tide pools breaking muscles and feeding the anenomies, catching sand crabs, making drip decorations on sand castles, and eating tuna sandwiches with capri sun's.


The Bradys said...

shaws cove is where we take all our family beach pictures haha

remember egg salad sandwiches... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm time to bring those back for me. i miss them

lauren said...

ok smarty pants... maybe thats why its so good... cuz its so bad for you. sometimes i use the salad dressing and its not as fatening. they are yummy though. and oh how i love gayguna.

chanel said...

awesome memories! you have so much to teach me about beach life!!

Denae said...

I want to be there Ashley.