Tuesday, January 15

christmas day

the day before christmas was baking day. one of my favorite days before chirstmas when my grandma and aunt come and bake and eat a lot of yummy christmas goodies. no pictures of that though.
christmas day was a little different from that of those past- somehow we got away without doing "the line up" on the stairs and instead of my mom getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to make lots of goodies she was up helping with the kiddies, so my dad made his world famous waffles instead. mmmmmm...
and there was only one gift that was opened christmas morning- oh, ddr (dance dance revolution, for those of you not in the know) how i love you. the best part about this is that my dad got it for my mom, and she was so so excited when she saw it. i really wish i would have had a picture of her face when she saw it. it was like a little five year old who came down stairs to see santa had brought a puppy. she was stoked. we got really into it. i am kinda having withdraws right now just thinking about it.i want one so so so bad.
that was the christmas morning highlight. then off to the beach for the christmas day surf. and of course no pictures but it was really fun- low tide at church's, probably my favorite place to surf at home. no, not probably, it is. i love it there.
after surfing we went home to a house full of family and food for our christmas feast. and my mouth is watering right now.
ivy with my grandma kitty.

and of course the most fun to be had that night was the top of a box- we are all about the simple pleasures. but throwing around elmo was fun too.
and at this point, i am getting tired of typing so i am just going to do another post with a bunch of pics from the rest of the trip. which went like this- surfing, cranky teething babies, sleep depravation, sick husbands, gingerbread house at new years, more sick husband, more throw up from velzy, and some from ivy too (i was the only non-thrower-upper this trip), visiting with friends and family, hours of dance dance revolution, shopping at target, lots of brc's from el pollo loco, way too much candy and cookies, and lots of laughs... (and it might have to wait till tommorrow, i think babies are awakin)


The Bradys said...

hahaahha i love it! dont u hate blogging everything at the same time, i made that mistake around xmas too.... so regretted it later.... sounds like u guys had a great trip tho, minus the puking! so glad i got to see u and the girls!!!

Molly Malia said...

that is so great! i love your mom! just got your card in the mail today too, loved it, it made me cry... miss you guys.

oh and i have some "simple questions" for you... look at my blog

love yous

lauren said...


Missy said...

BRC's are THE BEST! Yum.

I love that your grandma's name is Kitty. That is such a cute name.

It sounds like the whole trip was a success (even with the throw up which always seems to be around at Christmastime) and your girls in their Christmas dresses? So cute.

I don't know if I emailed you - I have a different blog - www.missydevin.blogspot.com