Friday, December 21

someone save me!

a few weeks ago velzy randomly started to want to read "the night before christmas" every night, and so we read it, every night. luke is my favorite when he reads it cause he reads with a russian accent, and sounds like he has had a tad too much vodka. velzy loves it, she also loves santa. she has a little doll that grandma connie gave her, she gives it rides in her stroller and kisses and hugs it. she also points out all the santas that she sees wherever we are. i don't think that she gets the whole santa brings gifts idea this year, luckly, but she does like santa. so we were a little supprised when this happened: but, oh, i am so glad it did. this picture is so classic. we almost didn't go see santa but my grandma forced money upon us so we would go get the girls pictures with him. notice how santa is ever so gently holding velzy's arm down so that she is not reaching for us, and ivy's little and on velzy's shoulder, so cute. like i said, so glad we went. this is the sort of picture i wanted last year but didn't get. i can't wait to see what next year brings, i am sure ivy will really freak out.

anyways, we are off to california tommorrow to enjoy some colder weather and the billings side of the family. i should be packing, but you know how that goes...there are 1,000 ways to waste time when you should be getting ready for a trip.
ok, see many of you soon! i am so excited!


Jennifer said...

This picture is awesome. It'll be great when she's all grown up. If there is a particular young man that you guys aren't sure about, just pull this picture out, point to it and say, "are you sure you want to deal with this when she isn't happy?" Boom, out the door. :) Have a wonderful trip to California.

Jen Cunningham (Smith)

Rachel Trotter said...

It's really not fair that we do that to them. Why do we put them on the lap of a strange old man dressed like a freak and expect them to like it? I will be expecting therapy bill from my kid in the future. Sorry kid!

Becky Freestone said...

that is a really cute picture. everyone needs a picture with santa screaming at the top of their lungs in fear.

chanel said...

so many posts to catch up on!
Love the santa pict!!! I was so not expecting it when I scrolled down. Ivy's hand on V's shoulder is precious!

All your pictures are amazing!! I love the one of you and Velzy on your side bar!!! It looks like you guys are in heaven- the real one, not the Hawaiian one you constantly are in!

And the one of Luke and Ivy is AWESOME!!! An 8 month ball of love is right! She's so darling!

And last comment I promise- Velzy is looking soooo much like you lately! She's getting big! Freaks me out, that means Lauren will be looking big, or maybe she does and Im in denial.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS in that chilly artic California!

Molly Malia said...

i love it! that is so surprising that she was so into him til she was forced to pose with him! but its not surprising for any kid to freak out. jordan wouldn't even look at santa... it was like he had bad breath or something!

love you guys, wish we could have come to see you in ca... we miss you tons.

Brooke & Aaron said...

Ashley, Your girls are so cute! It sounds like you have a lot of fun together. Hope you've enjoyed your holidays. Could you do me a favor and email me your address? Send it to please. Thanks and I'll check in with you again soon.

BOWDENS said...

Hey Ashley! I heard you guys moved back to Hawaii....but maybe that was a while ago! I just started blogging so I thought I'd say hello. Your little girl is adorable! Hope you guys are doing great!

snlbarney said...

Santa picture - priceless:)!