Saturday, November 3


thanks su for tagging me- i would love to talk about myself for awhile. six random things about me:

*i am left handed. which according to an article luke just read in the news paper means that "in utero my brain developed more freely" than all of you non-south-paws, which has allowed my "brain's organization to stray more from the standard design, and is therefore less predictable." and it also means that i will probably die 7 years earlier than if i was right handed, which still leaves me alone for a year after luke passes.
*one summer in jr lifeguards me and my best buddy lauren were obsessed with wearing board shorts. we wore them day in and day out, which made for the worst/best tan lines on our legs that we were really proud of, i have some really funny pictures of our legs that summer.
*i have webbed toes. i like them, and think they are really cute. apparently, some people think they are nasty. example: a few years ago, luke entered a picture i had taken of my feet when we were on our honeymoon in costa rica to an ugliest feet contest in transworld surf magazine. it won and we got six pairs of cobian sandals. (someday if our stuff ever gets here i will post that picture. here is a brief description: light pink nail polish, feet covered in black sand with multiple open cuts and a few nasty scars showing, so pretty)
*i hate waste- even wrote an 11th commandment: "thou shalt not waste." if i gain weight in the next few years it is because i eat all of the leftovers from my kids plates. in addition to not liking to waste food i don't like to waste electricity, water, and paper. (but for some reason i have no problem wasting hours on the stupid computer blogging)
*i love salt water. i think it might have seeped into my blood. and i love the crusty salty feeling when you put a shirt on after you leave the beach and get all itchy. which means, i don't shower often these days.
*hair totally grosses me out. when attached to someones head it is great, beautiful, and pretty. but for some reason as soon as it is no longer attached to a head it becomes nasty, even if it is my own. i also totally hate body hair, i wish the only hair that was on my body was the hair on my head (which included eyebrows, cause i would look silly without them).

wow, that ended up being quite long. apparently i like to talk about myself. so now i tag six people: helium, erika pattee, amy b, jess/jaron, facers, and nancy.


Becky Freestone said...

i do remember your webbed feet from when we were younger. i never thought they were ugly, i just thought they were weird. i am happy to hear you won free sandals thanks to your hubby entering a contest with your awesome feet.
i also remember being jealous of the fact you were left handed when we were in sunday school together. i always thought that would be pretty cool to be a lefty.
i can't get over how much i love your girls halloween costumes and the fact you sewed them yourself. itchy skin after the beach is not my favorite thing. i think you are part dolphin or something.

Rachel Trotter said...

That is funny! Chad has webbed toes too, but I have never thought of them as ugly. Hey free sandals, that's awesome. Oh, I know you are off sugar for the year, but if you ever have a chocolate craving, the Haleiwa Chocolate Factory is amazing. It's just across from McDonalds. Enjoy one for me!

Jen said...

I just like you! Learning more about you makes me wish I had known you as a kid.

The Bradys said...

im going with the nasty hair thing... gross. totally agreee. u have webbed toes????? did i know that? so sweet. no wonder u love the water, u arent a fish youre a duck.

Robyn said...

I don't remember ever seeing your feet. I'm sure they're very cute and tiny. I hate body hair too! Ughh!! And even my eyebrows are hard to manage!

It was fun to read these things about you!

heidi said...

i am a non-waster myself...leftovers (even cold macaroni)on my kids plates
funny, i didn't know other people liked the salty skin on shirt feeling--i'm also obsessed with sand in my hair. i love the big chunky kind that sticks to your scalp and then you can feel it and flick it off later...ahh sand in your bed is good too!!
and hair, totally agree--DISGUSTING!! please tell me after you had your munchkins that you could basically make a wig for a doll every day with the hair that fell out?!?! i hate it!

Jessica Brown said...

Thats awesome that you have webbed feet. How did I not know this about you? No wonder you love the water! Hee hee. So how does this tag thing work? Do I just write six random things about us and then tag other people??

Missy said...

This was fun to read! How funny that you like salt on your skin. I like it in my hair, but skin? No thanks. And please do update with the photo + sandals that you won from your feet.

meggan said...

i love left handers! i hate waste! and i think you're crazy for not having to shower after the beach!

Billings Family said...

I love you, and am so stoked to have you as my family! I so love to be salty and put on a dry crusty shirt that was hanging in the sun after a long day in the water and feeling kind of burned! Never knew you had webbed feet, which kinda makes me think you do have salt water in your blood. Youre classic and I love it!