Tuesday, October 2

the naturalist turns 2

i know everyone says it when their kids turn a year older, but i can't help it: "i can't believe she is 2"
her birthday is not till tomorrow but my parents are flying in today from their kauai vacation to celebrate with us, so i don't think i will get around to post this tomorrow.
velzy's new nickname is "the naturalist" i guess it all started when i figured out that i didn't know how to handle two kids inside the house and since ivy likes the baby bjorn and velzy is a lot happier outside than in, we have logged in many, many hours outside just cruising around, both in virginia and now in hawaii. i love to watch velzy when we go on our walks. she stops to look at every ant, then ever so gently stomps them to oblivion. she loves flowers and picks as many as she can, then usually dissects them, bringing luke or i the "stamen and pestle" as luke is trying to teach her. at times it is a little annoying that we only walk at a pace of 10 feet/minute, but she really enjoys looking at everything and let's face it i really don't have anything else to be doing so we take our sweet time. lets see, what else about velzy at this time of turning two:
-she is a great little helper: she loves to assist in the changing of diapers, sweeping, and as of recently is starting to help me cook.
-she is working on that thing we call talking, and is slowly but surely adding a few words here and there to her vocabulary, my personal favorite is currently "doggy poop"
-she is so sweet to ivy and loves to kiss, hug, and feed her baby food. on the other hand, she can't share with her at all
-she dances like an orangutan, and i love it
-has got the best laugh ever. ever.
-she gives the best hugs and is such a snuggler

there is tons more, these are just some of my favorite things about her. i love the little bugger and have had so much fun these past two years and can't wait to see what this next year brings.

happy birthday velzy!


The Bradys said...

So cute! and as every parent says, it only gets better! Welcome to 2 velz!!

Jen said...


Such a sweety. I love your words about her, ASH. I wish we could get all the kiddos together again soon. Have a great day with the birthday girl and La familia.

Hey how did you diagram that picture? That is so cool.

Jen said...

PS- I just have to say how much more V looks in her element in D'islands than she did in Virginia.

She's so so cute!

tonya said...

Velz. Happy, happy birthday, sweet girl!! I'm so glad your Gramma and Granpa can be there to celebrate with you. They are the best and absolutely adore you.

Good job on the talking! Doggy poop? Awesome.

I love it that you love the outdoors. You were certainly born into the right family.

Have a great birthday tomorrow!!!

Joseph and Brittany said...

Those are some cool shoes. I think I need a pair of those. She is so cute. I bet its crazy to have a 2 year old!

Missy said...

And I thought Avery had a unique vocab. Way to go V!

This post was cute Ashley. Happy Day to you guys tomorrow. 2 years old? That's huge.

Becky Freestone said...

happy bday velzy. have fun with your parents in town. i can't believe you have a 2 year old kid, crazy!

laurenblack said...

V.... HAppy B Day KIddo I Miss You!

Jessica Brown said...

Happy Birthday Velzy! I think thats pretty funny that she's a naturalist yet smashes ants to oblivion I like that!

Candace said...

okay, you're making me want to move to hawaii. it looks beautiful there!

Happy Birthday Velzy!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday little Velz! I love how you labeled that picture! I also loved what you said about how you don't have much else to do so you take your time when you go places. That's my favorite thing about being home with Trent. We are never in a hurry and I love watching him just enjoy nature and play at the park until he's done.

Of course I'm sure it's much better to walk around all day in Hawaii! I hope you have a nice time with your parents.

That's funny that she says doggy poop. And I love the way 2 year olds dance too. I guess it does sort of look like an orangutan sometimes.

Have a great birthday celebration and have fun with grams and gramps!

Melinda said...

Happy B-day Velzy! She loves too explore, huh? That is cute. If she loves being outside, then you are the perfect place. I bet she loves Hawaii.

Kirstin said...

Happy Birthday Velzy! The crocs are so in right now. She is cute Ash. Good baby making. Well enjoy being outside. I hope she finds many more insects to crush.

meggan said...

What a cute little two year old! Wow, time flies like crazy. Glad you're enjoying the island!

Lisa Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Velzy!!

It is so freaking cold here in UT that you'd never know we'd left VA! I am trying to warm myself up virtually by looking at all your beautiful pics of Hawaii!! :) It is so gorgeous there! Think I'll start saving my pennies for a trip!

Patriot said...

Your family is adorable!

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Malia said...

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Billings Family said...

Yeah!! Happy Birthday Velz!!! We love you! Can't believe she's 2 already! Weird-Ash has a 2 year old! Seriously, life does get way easier! Its all how you look at it! It's just 2 year olds are sometimes harder to look at!
Hee Hee