Friday, October 26


1 Cup Lime fresh squeezed lime juice

5 Cups water

3/4 C Sugar

2 Tbsp Honey

mix, stir, chill, enjoy.

we have this great little lime tree in our yard that is exploding with limes. which means we can always enjoy super good guac., limeade, a few squirts on mexican food, and the reactions that ivy gives when you stick a slice in her mouth.

having this little tree makes me realize how much i want to have a ton of fruit trees in my yard of my little cottage on the beach someday (yes, i am dreaming). it is so fun to go out and pick fresh fruit or herbs and use them right away, it makes me feel so one with the earth.

yeah, i don't know who looks at my blog to have 79 hits in one day. i got a little tracker thing a while ago, and it is funny to check it periodically. and i promise i was not fishing for comments. i blog is so that i can look back and remember things that i would forget if i didn't write it down, and so that i don't have to send emails with pictures to everyone. i think i might get my blog made into a book with blurb sometime soon, maybe a present for myself for my b-day. i think it would be something neat to have, and someday velzy and ivy will look through it and get mad at me for all the funny pictures that i posted of them, or have a laugh at some funny thing they did that i would never remember to tell them about. plus, let's be honest, my journal has more dust on it that words in it these days.

i think ivy has a mom is blogging sensor when she naps, she's up. i'm out.


lauren said...

so i though i had a lime tree too, but turn out it is an orange tree that never fully develops or something. sad, cuz i put lime on lots and i have to buy them and they are kinda expensive. oh and you know i read your blog, i just always have a kid attached to me so its hard to type.

Jennifer said...

I read it. I'm just a lurker. I usually don't have much to say. :D

Jen Smith

Jen said...

Jay LOVES limes. You lucky girl.

Hey, our birthday IS coming up! I almost forgot...almost! The blog book would be cool. I thought about doing that after you posted about it a while ago. Just haven't done it yet. I agree, I think the kids would love looking at themselves later and reading about how cool there mom was (is).

Jessica Brown said...

Thanks for the limeade recipe that looks awesome. 79 hits wow. Your so popular.

meggan said...

79 hits! Wowzers! I think I get maybe 10.

Thanks for the recipe! I love limeade.

ashley said...

ok, i am so not popular. i think it is my mom checking up on us multiple times a day.

Becky Freestone said...

oh my gosh. those costumes are so cute. i can't stand your creativity. how did you just guess how to sew those. they look like you bought them at a costume store. i am super impressed ashley.