Tuesday, October 23

are you ever just totally over thinking up a title for your posts? i am thinking about never having a title for a post ever again. sometimes they annoy me.

anyways, i am once again next door using the computer while the girls are asleep next door. baby monitors are currently my favorite invention. and speaking of the sleeping girls, i need to mention that velzy is in a big girl bed! she thinks it is so cool. she even asked to take a few naps in it. lovin the toddler bed.

and i just realized that i need to give a real big shout out to luke's parents and his sister (and her hubby and adorable little niki who i need to post a picture of) who live next door. i don't think i have blogged about their greatness yet. as we still do not have our things (one or two more weeks!) they have been so so so helpful and wonderful- letting us borrow tons of stuff and putting up with us always being over to use things. moffat's and kositwongsakul's we love you. especially betsy, she is the best. today she watched velzy for like seven hours while we picked up the truck (yeah, it's here!!!!!). love her. she and i are going to work on the girls halloween costumes tonight. they are going to be little cave girls. velzy will have a little tiger print costume, ivy a zebra, and niki a leopard print. i can't wait to see how cute they are going to be. people in hawaii go crazy for halloween.

this is a random post.

never watch shark week. never. i have never been afraid of sharks while surfing, and i hate it when people ask "aren't you afraid of sharks when you surf?" but this spring luke and i watched shark week. and yesterday he and i went surfing, just us, out at boilers, which is a pretty decent paddle out and is one of the only places that i even think about sharks. so i was really relieved when luke and i took off on a wave together, and he almost ran over a turtle. (when there are turtles around there are usually not sharks, which is why i was relieved) it was the funniest thing ever. luke took off and all the sudden there was a turtle, just hangin out and when he saw luke coming right at him he freaked and pretty much jumped out of his way. so funny. i love turtles.

anyways, this has been random and i am going to go sew some halloween costumes. bye.


tonya said...

i really hope you post pics of your awesome costumes. you guys are going to look great.

yeah, surfers should not watch shark week.

ash, you are so cool. no one else i know talks about surfing with their husband and sewing in the same blog post. rock star.

Missy said...

You're surfing with turtles? Do you realize how that sounds? Incredible.