Monday, September 24

our place

stole this from melinda's blog. it's taken looking towards the beach from the temple, our house just so happens to be in the shot. and this was a few mornings ago. in between chasing chickens with velzy i managed to get a picture of a huge really pretty rainbow over the temple:so, we have been here a week already, and i regret to report that i have not even been surfing yet, but luke has a few times (ask me if i am bitter). things are really different here with little kids. it makes me miss the days of waking up at the butt crack of dawn, rolling out of bed with a bathing suit already on, throwing a board in the back of my truck and going surfing. ahhh, those were the days. i guess it is just a matter of time until we get into our groove and figure out to how to surf and keep the rug rats happy. until then, i will continue to lay out in our little yard while velz and ivy nap and get sunburned. i am so white.

our little place is nice- here are a few shots, and of course i did not clean anything before i took them... i think i was pleasantly surprised that it is bigger and nicer than i was thinking it would be. the only hitch is the one bed room thing. we are currently all in the same room, which is not really ideal, so we will see how things get rearranged. sorry no pic of the bed room, but the dining room might just have to become a second bed room. i am excited to get all of our stuff, but that won't be for another month probably.
the kitchen is really nice and big too, but this picture does not do it justice. and yep, the bathroom is right off the kitchen.
so that is the home tour. and the girls are waking up- bye!


chanel said...

HEAVEN! I can't even find the words to say what I am feeling! WOW!!! Just simply WOW! To be that close to the temple AND beach! WOW! Your previous sleeping in a swimsuit roll out of bed and surf self- WOW! Chasing chickens???? WOW! Perfect little rainbow in Hawaii- where you LIVE- WOW!
Glad its workign out so well, and hopefully you'll be catching your own wave soon!

laurenblack said...

im so stoked for you.. and thats funny what you said about not surfing yet. david specifically asked me yesterday night after i was telling him you guys were there now and about the new ride(post pic)and everything if you had gotten to surf yet? i said i dont know? we didn't talk about it, and he replied... " all you guys talk about now is like boobs and babies, what happened to the girls i used to know that only cared about surfing? FUNNY funny how our priorities have totally changed. I DIDN"T EVEN ASK OU IF YOU HAD GOTTEN A CHANCE TO SURF? and dave totally called us out! oh how times have changed...

Jennifer said...

I'm happy to see that you guys made it ok and that everything is slowly starting to come together. I'm sure that you guys will figure out everything so that you all can spend as much time as possible at the beach. :)

Jen Smith

Robyn said...

Who cares if you only have one room? You live in Hawaii on the most beautiful island ever! What a dream! I am so excited to see more pictures. I'm glad you got there safely and are all moved in, and hopefully you'll get the rest of your stuff real soon!!

tonya said...

Are you seriously kidding me? That is fantastic. I would take the small quarters for a piece of paradise. Amazing!

Don't worry, Grandma and Grandpa will be on their way soon so you can get some surf. I can NOT believe you haven't gotten to surf yet. Wrong. Completely understandable with two little kiddos, though. It's amazing how much those little people change our lives.


Jen said...

SIGH! I want paradise!!!!!!

You have had a busy week eh? Chasing chickens? Now that's something you can't say you did in the OC right?

Now drop the darlings off with the in-laws and go get some surfing in!

Melinda said...

Ah, i can't believe that is where you are living. Ha! That's hilarious that it was in that picture we took. You are so lucky. You're in paradise now.
That would be hard all being in the same room. That would drive me nuts. But whatever, you're in Hawaii so who cares!!!!

Missy said...

I love that you are back. And is it for good? Hope have surfed, you have two kids (one that can chase chickens) and live a block away from the beach. Seriously, you + Laie, HI are meant to be together forever.