Friday, July 20

style and sucking

first- thank you betsy for sending the camera's battery charger!!!

second- velzy has all of the sudden become very into style and picking out what she wants to wear. this morning she would not put on anything except this:

she makes it work.

and third- i always swore that i would not let my kids suck their thumbs, but ivy has quite taken to hers (this is what she is doing right now, love those chubby arms!) and i guess i really don't have too much control over it. but, i am sort of glad that she can sooth herself. i remember getting up out of bed many, many, times to re-insert velzy's pacifier when it fell out, and ivy just goes down and sucks her little thumb like crazy till she is out. i probably won't be as happy about this when we have to pay for her braces when she is older, but i'm living in the moment.


Jessica Brown said...

I love that picture of Ivy! I love those chubby arms! Ah man, so cute.

Jen said...

They are so cute! The thumb sucking pic is adorable. she looks like she's really concentrating.

tonya said...

So, so cute. I think thumb suckers are the cutest things ever. Love the little fashionista, too!

Robyn said...

You can't force your little baby not to suck her thumb! That's great that she can soothe herself! She is so cute! They both are! Trent hasn't picked out his clothes yet, but he insists on wearing his Angels hat most of the day. Our kids are pretty funny.

Meggan said...

I tried to force Dylan to suck his thumb because he wouldn't take a binky. It didn't work. He must not be a sucker. I think it's awesome that she can soothe herself. I think that is what makes an easy baby an easy one!

chanel said...

So funny how they are so little and want to pick out their clothes!!! lauren doees it too, i have to hide certain clothes so she won't pick them.
as a devoted thumbsucker (and subsequent braces wearer) i say its all good. i know when i had to get rid of julia's pacifier i would say, "WHY do we have to do this, if she sucked her thumb we couldn't get rid of that". It is such a double edged sword.