Tuesday, July 17

killing me

"uhh uhh uhh me me me mish mish" this is a direct quote from velzy. in fact, for the most part, it is all she says lately, and it is killing me. the worst part is i know she can talk, but refuses to. she picks up a new word every couple days, says it a few times, then quits- just stores it away and does not say it again. the other day she was playing "little monkeys jumping on the bed" and busted out "no more monkeys" out of no where. later that day i said "one, two" and she said "three." we like to joke around that she is just going to start talking in complete sentences some day, which would be cool i guess, but until then i am so sick of the guessing game at what she wants and basically just the annoying whining that is ever present these days. it does make me appreciate sweet lil ivy that much more though.
velzy has also become quite the little button pusher, she has this look that says "what are you going to do about it?" that she gets on her face when she is doing anything that she knows she is not supposed to. it happens right when she throws food, right before she runs off, or, well you get the point. she's into that testing mom and dad phase. so i guess i need to lay down the law even more these days. only problem is that half the time i need to "lay down the law" ihave ivy attached to me and it makes it a little hard!
don't get me wrong, she is a lot of fun too, but lately she is driving me crazy!!!

anyways, in other news, we found out that we are going to be moving in September- wow! that is soon, like two months soon! i am so happy that we are not going to be here for winter! but now we need to figure out were we are going to live and all that jazz. we are thinking about building a duplex with luke's brother zac (the one who just got married). the thought of that is exciting, but we are not totally sure what is going to happen. it is hard for me to not know what is going to happen, so hopefully we figure things out soon and get the ball rollin!

and why do the girls always wake up at exactly the same time? gotta run!


tonya said...

Oh, the grunt and point is the worst. At least you have girls, though. My boys are mute for the first 2 1/2 years of their lives. Even now, Stacy and I are pretty much the only ones who can understand Kaleb, who will be THREE in 2 months. Sheesh. That Velzy is quite the character. She obviously knows how to talk, she's just waiting for something big to say.

"laying down the law" is hard. It's not much fun, huh? You gotta do it, though. They need limits in place from the beginning. I think, anyway. SO hard when you have a sucker attached to you.

WOW! September is FAST. I'm sure you are going to be so busy between now and then. I can't even imagine getting all of your stuff from VA to Hawaii! Will "the company" pay for it?

Jen said...

Whining IS the worst! Maybe it's just her way of getting a little more attention since Ivy came to town!

It's tough to be the hammer, but I guess it will pay off in the long run. I HATE having to tell Makena NO, when she's getting into things, but it seems to be happening more now that she's a little more mobile. I can't imagine having to regulate and be nursing all at the same time. Good luck!

I can't wait to hear about all the plans for Hawaii. Keep us posted.

Chanel said...

my first was the same way! it is sooo frustrating!!! hang in there.

Two months! You are sooo lucky! have I told you that lately?!?! Figuring out things that are just goign to have to happen is the hardest! Good luck!
ANd thanks for all your love and support and prayers! You're such a nice thoughtful amazign woman! Its meant A LOT to me!

Robyn said...

I hear you sista! The crying and pointing/moaning/whining is sometimes just unbearable. I can handle it at home and I let him throw tantrums up the ying-yang, but it gets a little tricky when we're in public and I'm carrying my purse, trying to push a shopping cart, and wrangling a screaming one year old who weighs almost 30 pounds at the same time.

I guess it can only get better as they learn to talk more.

I can't believe you're moving so soon. That would be cool if you built a duplex. Right on the ocean. With extra rooms for guests! Ha!