Friday, July 6

ivy's blessing

we waited to bless ivy in hawaii so we could have some family there. ivy was blessed by her dad and in the circle was her grandpa riley, uncle kris, and bro. mo'o from the bishopric. luke did a great job and gave her a really sweet blessing, especially considering ivy had really bad gas and was tootin up a storm, which made it a little hard for him to concentrate, and hard for me to hold back some laughter. her cousin niki was also blessed that day too. they are about 5 weeks apart, and niki is adorable!


tonya said...

what a darling fam! i love ivy's blessing dress. boys blessing outfits=L.A.M.E. That is so funny that she had gas, could you hear it through the microphone?

Jen said...

That is so sweet. It must have been so special, especially since you had some family around.

Toot Toot! HA