Friday, June 1

oh what a beautiful morning...

today has been beautiful- it has been perfect so far. velzy slept in until 8:30 {13 hours of sleep}, beautiful. ivy had already woken up but had already gone back to sleep which means that velzy and i got to hang just us, like the good old days, for like an hour and a half. velz is always so much happier when we get some good one on one time. so we ate breakfast together, and she didn't even throw her bowl of cereal when she was done, beautiful. then played with some play dough and went through some clothes that needed to be put away. ummm, we have 5, count that five, large costco huggies diaper boxes full of little girls clothing, which i have decided is somewhat ridiculous.

ivy woke up and while i fed her velzy colored- without whining, beautiful. when the little one was fed i strapped on the bjorn and we were off for a nature walk. ok, this is one of the funnest things, i just follow velzy on the trail and laugh. the plants are all taller than she is and she has to constantly move them out of her way, the little trailblazer. and she just cruzes, until she sees an interesting plant or bug then we stop and investigate for a while. while on our way back home all of the sudden she decides that she is done walking and wants to be held. apparently, there is no way that she can possibly walk any further so i have to pick her up and carry her on my hip, remember that ivy is strapped in front too. at this point, i really wish i had a camera, because i am sure it looks really funny.

after we get home velzy ran inside and grabbed her stroller and took off running down the slope to the trail behind our house and just goes. what happened to being too tired to walk any more? so i had to go running after her, ivy still strapped on, beautiful. now we are on the paved trail behind our house and all of the sudden i have to stop. there is a dear right there, maybe ten feet from me, just looking at me while chewing some grass, beautiful. i yelled at velzy to stop- still had not caught up to her- and she actually stopped! then she actually walked back to me and when she saw the dear yelled a greeting to her, while bent down to get another mouthful. we looked at each other for a little bit, then velzy decided that she needed a closer look and started walking towards the dear yelling, so naturally she ran off. but it was so so cool.

we continued our walk to the bridge to throw some rocks and then after a lot of coaxing i got velzy to turn and go back towards home. while on the way home she once again decided that she could not walk any further. threw a little tantrum when i kept walking without her and made me pick her up again. i am a sucker. so there i am hold velzy, who is holding her cabbage patch doll, have ivy in front, and have her stroller in the other hand. and i thought i looked funny before.

we came home and built some towers with some mega blocks, velzy's current toy of choice, watched a little t.v., had some lunch, fed ivy, and now they are both asleep. BEAUTIFUL.


Jen said...

Ash- that IS a beautiful morning. That area you live in sounds totally cool, like an enchanted forrest or something.... with the dears and all the pretty trees.

Oh V! maybe she's cool until she turns around and notices that you have Ivy on you and, well she doesn't want to be left out.

Meggan said...

Oh, I remember those days SO clearly with Eden and Bree. Fun times, but it can get tricky. A 4 year gap did me some good. Still fun, though.
Glad life is beautiful for ya today.

Anonymous said...

Cute post....I think it's spelled "deer" though?

Robyn said...

Excuse me, where do you live, in paradise? Nature walks, exploring different bugs, deer on the trail behind your house? It sounds amazing! I live across from a trail, but it's brown and dusty and you can hear the whir of cars nearby!

What a great day. I'm going to be asking you a lot of questions when I go from 1 to 2 kids. Please don't forget what it's like.

Good idea on storing clothes in the diaper boxes. I don't know why I never thought of that. Those big tupperware containers are just too big!

The hand hold is precious.

Okay, do you like the combi stroller? I notice you do not put Ivy in her carseat in it, but can you set her carseat in there if you wanted to?

Does it push easily or does the weight of the heavier child make it hard to push? I need to know these things for the future. And do you have the Combi sport that is only $199 or the deluxe one?

ashley said...

it is spelled deer!

i suck at spelling, and i was in a hurry trying to get this posted before the girls woke up!

oh, and buck up who ever is the english professor- i don't mind being corrected.

tonya said...

What an awesome day! I love it when the stars align and everything is beautiful. Hopefully it continued into the afternoon and evening.

You are a super mom. Carrying all of that. I wish someone had a pic of that.

Oh, yeah, who is anon? That is weak. Own up to the corrections.

Meggan said...

Tonya asked me if I was anon who corrected your misspelled "deer", but I can assure you that I am NOT anon. I have no qualms with telling you that your grammar needs some work. We all know this. I speak my mind.

Erin said...

Nice try, Meggan. I still have you pegged for anon. Unless it was a lurker . . . hmmm.

Ashley, sounds like such a great day! Your two nature girls sound so cute all attached to you. Good thang you are a strong mama. I love the deer gazing moment.

Robyn, our "brown and dusty trail" with the "whir of cars", while not reminiscent of the sacred grove, has bunnies with cute cotton tails and frogs and dragonflies and lizards and butterflies in the late summer and fall and like 50 species of birds all year round and shade every 20 yards or so and perfectly shaped sticks and it sits above a creek. Not to mention the free blue bags which provide hours of entertainment for Brooke and her friends.

Robyn said...

Erin, I forgot about all those things, especially the scented blue bags. Thanks for the reminder that Mother Nature is right outside my front door.

Missy said...

Ok, I just read all of this and thought (before reading Megg and Ton's comments) that it might be Megg too. Haha. But, then I realized Megg would correct you on spelling, she always will fess up.

I'll be honest, this post made me realize that the switch to two can be hard (fun too!). But, I keep hearing how the switch to three is a big deal and two isn't as bad as to three? I don't know. Even still, you sound GOOD! I'm so happy for you. And I love, love, love the hand holding picture below. Made me smile.