Wednesday, June 27

dear daddy

we miss you.
here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last few days...taking warm baths because we have spit up all over our faces, wearing sunglasses,hanging with izzy, andy, and fam.,playing in the frog pool with brynn,enjoying cresent bay,and laughing at brynns hair.hope you are enjoying some peace and quite at home. we will be back soon to play!
your girls


tonya said...

cute pics, ash! so fun to see you girls today and play in the beautiful sunshine!

Jen said...

I am crying right now, because I missed seeing you all! Ivy is such a doll. She is so big. And V is hilarious.

Robyn said...

I didn't really get to see Ivy today since she was asleep in her little seat but she looks so cute in that picture. She is such a pretty baby. Velzy was so nice to Trent today. Sorry he kept trying to steal her shovels. Today was fun! The beach was beautiful and I must say you look awesome post-baby!!

Chanel said...

sweet! its hard missing daddy!

Ivy is soooooooo CUTE!!!