Wednesday, May 16

sunny day, everythings a-ok

(that was supposed to be like the sesame street song)
first, i am so happy to have our internet working again. i think a need a few minutes on it every day to see what other people are up to and play around on the internet, i think it helps keep me sane.

second, (for missy and robyn) entering the world of having multiple kids is sort of a shock at first. i think, mainly because you go from having one little one that has a schedule and a routine, you having things pretty much wired as to how you live your life- they take naps and you get your alone time and they sleep through the night. then enter number two who does not have a schedule or routine, wakes up a lot, takes a lot longer to feed (meaning you can't grab a bag if fishie crackers and string cheese and head out the door). it's fun, i love having the two little ones, but it is for sure a shock to your system at first- you forget how dependant a little one is and how it is not so fun to be sleep deprived. but like i said it is fun, and i can't wait for them to be little buddies in the near future, after ivy exits her newborn blob phase that is. the other day i took them for a walk and velzy held ivy's had the whole time, it was so cute.

thrid, i am so so happy that the weather is finally warm! velzy and i have been playing outback in baithing suits the last few days. i am pretty confident that there is nothing cuter than a huge belly hanging out of a itsy-bitsy bikini. and i am turning into my dad- becuase i am all worried that we are going to be so so white when we go to hawaii in a few weeks that we will get really really burned, so we are getting our base tans ready. my dad always worries about that, and i used to laugh at it, but now i find myself doing the same thing. while we were playing with water velzy drank more water than i thought possible and her little belly was so huge that i thought it was going to explode, but it made for some cute belly shots!
sunny days realy do make everything a-ok. i Y sunshine- and cute little weggies too!


tonya said...

Okay, awesome pics. LOVE the belly.

I think having a baby is a lot of work no matter how many kids you already have. Just trying to figure out a new personality, sleep routine, it can be really hard. Trying to keep toddlers/preschoolers relatively quiet while the baby is sleeping is even harder. But, you eventually figure it out, babies will sleep through the night at some point, and nothing can replace the yummy factor of having a new little love in the home.

Oh, and I agree. You do need the internet. Every mom deserves a quick escape here and there. It DOES keep you sane.

You guys are so awesome to go to Hawaii with two little ones. That is going to be a long flight. Are you stopping here at all?

Meggan said...

I am pretty confident that my huge belly hanging out of an itsy bitsy bikini would not be very cute. But Velzy's sure is. I love that she drank all the "play" water. That is such a kid thing to do.

So do you go out on your back porch in your bikini too? You really do need to get ready for that Hawaii sun. I think you're amazing for making the trip over there already.

Chanel said...

Hawaii???? HOW COOL! Ive always wanted to go. Base tans are soooo necessary around here too. I think I burned my EARS gardening last weekend- LAME!
The hand holding is the most precious story!!! They will be the best of buds.
ANd for the record BABY's sweet big bellys are cute in a bikini, women who should know better- not so much. :)

Iggy Enigma said...

yes, i would love to play on saturday! i hope it doesn't rain. do you guys want to do a midday thing or a dinnerish type thing or what? we can have a picnic on the trampoline if you want. i think my schedule is pretty open.

Jen said...

I'm busy constantly and I only have one. But I think it's because I'm still sort of new at this whole thing. Once Ivy girl gets to be a little more independent, maybe you'll start feeling like a pro again.

I'll take anything for an escape, a walk by myself, a bathroom break, whatever I can get. So not having the internet is rough. Some days that's your only connection to the outside world.

Have fun in Hawaii. Even little Ivy will be all set with her summer gear!

Jessica Brown said...

Yay for warm weather! You guys are going to Hawaii? Take me with you!!

Missy said...

Thank you for the tips Ashley. I will be prepared. Somewhat. If that is even possible. Even still, you made me excited to have another. And when you wrote that V held Ivy M's hand the whole walk...I kinda got a lump in my throat. The kind that made me want another one.

Sigh. Anyway, V is adorable. Ivy M is beautiful and you are going to Hawaii for how long? Yea!

Robyn said...

I can't believe she held her hand the whole walk. That is precious. Trent would probably try to swat the hand away! I can't wait to have 2. I love hearing about it from you.