Wednesday, May 9

so sad

poor ivy has a stuffy nose and it is the saddest thing. she is sleeping right now and i feel so bad for her trying to breath through her nose and it's stuffy. the worst part is that i can't even get to the stuffyness with the little blue torture device (nose bulb thing), because it only gets a little of what is up there and doesn't seem to help. so thank you velzy for sharing your communicable diseases with your little not even one month old sister. at least she is sharing right?


Jen said...

Oh poor Ivy. Okay don't even use the bulb syringe unless you can see the boogies or they're running out the nose. The syringe might scratch her little mucosa more and make her more stuffy. At least that's my opinion. Hey, at least she's buliding up her immune system.

Good job with sharing V!

tonya said...

That didn't take long. Poor little girl. Good call, Jen. Sometimes over sucking does more damage. And, I SWEAR by saline drops. Ya know how you feel better after surfing? Go to Target and get some saline drops, put a few drops in each nostril a few times a day.