Thursday, May 3

on the farm

velzy's a big fan of cows right now. if you ask her what noise any animal makes she will moo. in this picture she is mooing at a cow, when it mooed back at her she totally tripped out, super funny.
ok, she really was not into the tractor at all, but it's a cute picture.
taking a closer look at the cutest little goats i have ever seen.
i know how you feel...


Meggan said...

What a fun family day on the farm. Love the nursing pigs. We can definitely relate, huh? At least she can just lie there all day while they eat!

tonya said...

Those are awesome pics. V's faces are so cute.

I am cracking up at the pig pic. That was me this morning at 5 am, trying to get a bit more sleep while Asher nursed. Haha.

Jen said...

These are so funny! I love the commentary. Don't we all just feel like the pig some days?

Missy said...

The pig picture did make me laugh too! It's so true.

Ivy M is SO cute. Really, a beautiful newborn. She is beginning to look more like V, I think. They change daily though so I could say something different everytime.