Tuesday, May 29

a memorial weekend i wouldn't mind forgetting

so why am i typing it if i want to forget about it?
don't know.

friday- luke had half day- yippie- aren't you glad that your tax dollars go to paying my husband to work half day and get payed for a whole one? i am. so it didn't start off bad, we hung at the pool where velzy had to adjust to the pool after a long winter of no swimming, but after 15 minutes she was back in the splash of things. i, however, forgot that things will not be just like last year, since we got a little one who wants to be held and fed constantly, so i ended up sitting in the shade, holding and nursing ivy while getting bit by bugs. selfishly, i don't know if i am that excited for the pool any more if that is how i am going to have to spend our time there. for the rest of the afternoon ivy was really cranky, and again, selfishly, i just wanted to be baby free for more than 5 min at a time.

sat- first, my body decided that it is not done recovering from labor- might have to do with the little run i went on friday afternoon- but that sucks! i really want to start working out again, but my apparently my body isn't into it, and it's making me a little crazy. also, i woke up feeling achie and had a fever but didn't think much of it. we went to a baptism for the daughter of the somewhat inactive lady i visit teach which was really awkward, i think she didn't want us there. then we come home and find out that lukes mom is in the hospital (she is going to be mad that i wrote that so that, and since things are going to be alright, that is all i will write about it). later, luke takes velzy to the pool so that i can stay home with a very cranky, very needy baby and feed her almost every hour. then luke and velz come home and she takes a nap. when she woke up she was boiling- 103.8 temp. oh joy! so i put her in a cold bath, but she doesn't want to be there so i jump in and sit in a cold bath with her while she eats popsicles and sips cold water. for the next 2 days she ran a fever, don't exactly know why but she probably was a little dehydrated and got too much sun playing outside all day, or maybe it was the nasty kiddie pool water she drank? while dealing with poor velzy, ivy cries, and did i mention that she did not take more than a 5 min nap all day? and to top it off, my aches are from mastitis- rad. so i am hurtin' too. finally, velzy goes to sleep, after a blessing from luke and we can relax a bit. ivy continues to eat eat eat, and then around 9 pm barfs more than i have ever seen a baby barf- sweet. but she does go to sleep after that for a whopping 5 hours! the longest she has ever gone without eating.

sunday- i wake up still achie, fall asleep saying my prayers on my bed and am awakened by my drool running down my arm ( i hope at this point you guys are laughing, because at this point it was all i could do). velzy woke up with a temp still, so she dined on popsicles most of the day while luckily, ivy made up for some lost sleep. in the afternoon there was an hour or two when luke was at church and i was feeling like crap, ivy was eating and velzy was crying hanging on the side of me when i wondered what i had gotten myself into. when luke, a.k.a. super dad, got home he took velzy for a walk and to the park while a got a nap, and woke up feeling a bit better. we ate, went to bed early, and hoped for a better tomorrow.

monday- the actual memorial day was not bad. other than the fact that ivy woke up with a really swollen eye that turned out to be nothing- thank heavens, we all were feeling better. we took it easy all morning and went to a really fun bbq with a bunch of friends, like you are supposed to on memorial day, and were happy that the weekend was over.

hope everyone had a fun weekend! as for me and my house, we will try to forget it happened.