Thursday, April 12


we got a little bbq last week, and even thought it is still a little cold we are having bbq week. last night was so good, you can't go wrong with beef, veggies, and pineapples!
if you were wondering what a picture looks like that has all 64 of the crayola colors in use, here is the latest example, notice the lovely coloring on the table as well. such a talented girl.
this is how all of the cool kids are eating these days. the best part is that she would do this at church with her friends when we used to have to walk the halls. gross.
anyways, i have another dr apt today, but i am sure nothing much has changed though. i am however, so sick of braxton hicks contractions. can it just be the real thing or not happen at all please? i know they happen for a reason, but i am getting annoyed.


Chanel said...

YAHOO! Lauren is in the "cool kids' club", she eats like V all the time! They're sooo funny (and gross)!
Can't wait to hear what the dr says! I am really excited for you! I always remember when I first started readign your blog and you put V in that pumpkin, can't wait to see whats ahead with this little luv!

And hello, can I fly you out to CO and have you cook for me? PLEASE!! you are always makign the BEST stuff!!!!!

Missy said...

I love random posts. This was fantastic. Love, love, love bbqs no matter how big or small. And please post ASAP after your doctor's appointment. I'm so excited for you. I guessed April 10th so now I'm going to guess April 20th.

Robyn said...

How funny! Dave and I have had our little BBQ for years and love it. One of these days, we'll splurge for a bigger one, but when our family is so small, it works! We use it all the time. We even fit a huge london broil on it the other day.

Candace said...

yes, yes! Please report what came of your doctor visit.

and i hear ya on the braxton hicks.

Lisa Michelle said...

Ashley! Your kabobs look delightful - yum!

So, B's fam is here till next Friday (a week from today)... is there any chance you'll still be carrying that baby after that? We'd love to get together then... what's your number out there? I'll email you...

tonya said...

That BBQ is awesome. Nothin' like cooking dinner outside to fool yourself into thinking it's summer time.

Velzy. You are too much. Hysterical.