Monday, March 12

sick of sick

it of the things that i have dreaded for a few months now...i got thrown up on in the middle sacrament meeting. yep, velz threw up, again. we had a few good weeks of no throw up after she had medicine for her sinus infection. i am now totally convinced, because she just got another green runny nose yesterday, that she throws up from the mucus that she swallows. whatever the cause is, i don't like it. on the way home from church she threw up twice more, it was the saddest thing ever to see a little girl with only a diaper on in her car seat crying covered in puke. she had a fever all afternoon and then around midnight she woke up crying with her face in a puddle of nastiness. luke, who gets the daddy of the day award, got up and cleaned up her pillow and bumper pads- even washing off her pillow case in the toilet- such a trooper.
i called the nurse this morning just to see how long i should let this go on before i should bring her in and she said 10 does that mean i need to be on puke alert for the next 10 days? i hope this passes fast. luckily with the warming weather comes the end of "cold season." i have never been happier in my life that winter is going to be over soon. until then i will keep the gatorade stocked, the blankets on the floor, and hope that my little girl starts feeling better soon.


Ton said...

Oh no, Ash! It's so bad when little kiddos puke since they can't warn you and it always gets EVERY where. I'm so sorry! And you're preggers! At least you have an awesome husband.

I bet you are right, I bet she is throwing up from all of the mucous in her tummy. Okay that is the grosses sentence I have ever typed.

Poor V. Poor YOU! Wish I was closer to help... hang in there.

At least she is cute, right? ;-)

Jen said...

Oh man, so sorry for the pukiest day ever! I feel bad for all of you. It takes a good man to get up with you to clean up in the middle of the night.

V, I hope you get back to your smiling, crinkling nose, happy self very soon!

Missy said...

Oh Ashley, that's not fun at all. Not cool - I hope you don't have to go 10 more days with her possibly throwing up. I feel terrible for V too. Hope she gets feeling better real soon.

Becky Freestone said...

throw up is seriously the worst. i am sorry to hear velz has been so sick. you are such a good mom to deal with all that puke. puke is puke, rather it is your own daughters or not. yuck!!

Lisa Michelle said...

POOR Velzy -- and poor you and Luke, too! That is the WORST. Hope this bug passes quickly!!