Friday, March 9

blogging and a baby

robyn just wrote about printing out her blog, which got me thinking again how much i would love to have a hard copy of my blogging endeavors...then i mosey on over to visit candace and she has a mention of a blog and a link to a place that will print your blog for you called blurb. this sounds so cool, and looks really cool on the blog that actually did it. maybe someday after i reach the 100 post mark and i have stashed away some money i will get this done. since blogging has taken over the place of journal writing (since it is so much more fun with pictures and for some reason a lot easier to do than sit down and use my messy hand writing) i think that it would be a worth it.

oh, and i almost forgot--- the most exciting news of the week---i am an aunt! it's official! betsy and kris had their little girl- Niki Nohea- yesterday!!! from what i hear it was a rather rough c-section and she was quite sick after it was over, so thy are in my prayers. but baby is doing good, and hopefully i will get to hear more today! i can't wait to get to meet her in june!


Iggy Enigma said...

aw congratulations betsy and kris! i want to see pictures, when will you get to meet niki?

Ton said...

That blurb website is awesome! I'm going to totally do it. Thanks for the link, Ash!

That's awesome you are an aunt! Sorry to hear she had a rough go of it, though. Where are they?

ashley said...

they are in hawaii, she got sick cause i guess she lost a lot of blood. have not heard more yet though :(
les- we are going to hawaii im june cause zac is getting married, so we will get to meet the kido then!

Robyn said...

I love the feet picture. Definitely a framer.

I am mad though because I was going to start a blog printing business but apparently blurb beat me to it. Kidding! That is way cool! I am going to do that next time. To answer your question though, if you want to print it on your own, just copy the text and pictures and paste into a word document. Then shrink the font and buy a generic cartridge to save money on ink! But if you can, the blurb thing looks way cooler.

Robyn said...

Oh my gosh, I just checked out the blurb website and it looks awesome and pretty inexpensive. Why did you say you had to wait until you had 100 posts?

It looks like 0-40 would cost $19 for a soft cover book and I bet the pictures would look a lot nicer than how I printed them out. What a cool idea!

Good thing I saved my blog in Word.