Saturday, February 10


luke has this awesome calling in church (the itallics stands for sarcasim). he is one of 3 stake basketball tournament coordinator dudes. which means that he gets to spend long hours every saturday at the stake center watching basketball games- making sure that the score boards work, that there are enough referees, and that young men don't get into to many fights. i am sure that there are many men out there that would love this calling- some might even say that he is lucky. however, luke is not a baller. never was, never will be (i hope). the extent of his basketball career is playing horse as a kid and a game of "lightning" at a billings family chirstmas party two years back. so he goes every saturday and he sits. he gets out the stake rules (which are typed up and are like 20 pages long) when there are problems and basically he is just bored. luckily this calling will only be for another few weeks till the tournament is over, and we hope that they don't make him do it again next year. maybe we will move to get out of it.
sometimes i go with him to the church and let velzy run onto the court or bang on the pianos, but this saturday he had to go to a primary "breakfast with my teacher" first- did i mention that he is also a sunday school teacher to 12 hyper 9 year-olds. talk about getting the shaft with the double duty callings! poor guy.
so i am sitting, waiting for his "shift" to be over, doing some laundry, looking for baby quilt fabric online, waiting. come home to me luke.
but we do get to go out tonight for lukes birthday dinner! yea! just the two of us-p.f. changs, i think, cause someone who loves us gave us a gift card for christmas. and maybe we will get a piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory for dessert- yum!
anyways, just a blog to blog while v naps. oh, and let me mention that the poor little girl has not one but two ear infections and a sinus infection. poor girl. this last week was a long one and she was sort of a pain and i finally took her to the dr's yesterday, only to find out that she was a pain because she was in pain. i feel like a bad mommy. hopefully she will get better soon, i mean the kid has had a runny nose for months straight, its got to get better right?
luke just called to say that he is leaving early!!!! i love this game.


Robyn said...

What a fun post to read! Cool callings Luke! I love it when they double up on callings. That sounds like fun tonight. I'm sorry Velzy is sick. I felt like Trent had a cold for 3 months straight and now he's finally better. It's no fun when they're sick, especially at night when they can't sleep because they can't breathe through their nose!

Ton said...

That stinks. It's so funny, because everyone thinks Stacy plays basketball, too. I guess because he's tall? Stac would dread that calling, too. Awesome that he is coming home early!

Poor Velzy. Hopefully she is getting all of the sickness out of the way before the Baby Girl comes.

Have a fun date night!

Jen said...

If we were members,my husband would love the b-ball calling. Not that he's a BALLER, but he enjoys the sports. At least Luke only has to do it a little longer.

Poor V, but don't feel bad. It's hard when their verbalization is at a minimum.

Meggan said...

Oh, Dylan has two ear infections too! I thought the antibiotics would have killed them, but now he's on a stronger one! Poor little kiddos.

Joses is definitely not a baller either. His calling is Athletic Director and he has not done ONE thing for it in the past 3 years that he's had that calling. And today at Bree's party he noticed that our girls didn't have any hand-eye coordination because he's not a "ball" dad.

Kelly McCaleb said...

so what's your calling?
poor velzy!
and luke's bday post was the sweetest thing ever.

ashley said...

oh, i am the assistant relief society secretary...i make the sunday calenders and announcements for r.s. and set up a table before church- really big stuff!

dclaps said...

I've got to make sure Lisa never sees this post - every time Sophie wakes up crying she tells me it must be an ear infection!

dclaps said...

Lisa tells me (not Sophie)