Friday, February 2

new kicks

my d.o.d. (dear old dad) is the best. the other day there was a package on my front door and in them was a new pair of running shoes somehow i lost my old ones, and he got me a new pair. i have such happy feet. i really have this huge urge to go running lately, but i feel funny, being 6 months prego and all. the other night luke and i jogged a few laps around the track at the y (it's 1/16 of a mile) and i felt like everyone was looking at the pregnant girl trotting along. but it felt so good...but i think that the running will have to hold off for a few months- i am a power walker.
anyways, i was just looking through some pictures and since i was already talking about my dad i thought that i would post some of him and the squirt from christmas because they are so cute. i don't think i can even start to explain how into velzy he is so fun.
and one of him and the mom...just cause it is so cute!


ColoradoCoolCats said...

YOU HAVE THE MOST GORGEOUS PARENTS!!! you're so lucky to have such an awesome dad!!!! He sent you shoes??? How amazing is that? Thanks so much for sharing this!

Becky said...

hi ashley. you guys are all so so so so so cute. i miss you. that one of your dad and velzy reading the paper is priceless. and velzy'a mustache isn't bad either :) I want to see a picture of you prego. Kaity's having a boy. She just found out last week. Yeah. more babies. I'm going to be in Baltimore soon...yup, well, in the end of March at least, for a librarian conference...Academic, Research and College Libraries, ever heard of it?! Yeah, well, it gets me to the east coast. Mom and dad are going to come down, and i'll have a car so i can come visit! yipee!! yeah, and riley just told me that the keynote speaker is a soft porn movie publisher. should be great!

Ton said...

Okay, those pics are so great. You do have the best parents ever. I can't say enough about them. Even though I love to give him a hard time, I do love your dad. I even forgave him when he told me, when I was 9 months pregnant, that I can't spend too much time on the beach because the everyone would think there was a beached whale. Yeah, nice.

Anyway, great job on staying active during your preg. Post pics!

Meggan said...

I agree, your dad is the best. Sending you $259 running shoes would make my day too!

I love seeing grandpas with their grandaughters. So cute!

Robyn said...

What kind of shoes cost that much?

Your parents are so cool. I love the picture of your dad reading the paper with Velzy. I am still waiting to see you dad at kickboxing class. I think he goes to the 5:30 one. Too early for me. You are so lucky to have such awesome parents who love your daughter so much!

ashley said...

wait...did i post the wrong shoes...the are like $130 but he got them on sale...working on getting around to some prego pics...and robyn, you have to go to a class and watch my dad in kickboxing- so fun, we did it together since i was 11 and he had to lie about my age to get me a gym membership. so fun!

Missy said...

Hey my dad lied about my age to get me a gym membership too!

The Kayano's are great running shoes. I love them. But, I did think $259 was a little high for them. Usually they are around $125.

Cute pics Ashley. Can't wait to see your pregnant pictures.

Jen said...

Beautiful parents indeed! And they must be totally cool to have raised such a fantastic daughter!

I used to go to the cardiokick @24 hour. I wonder if I ever saw your Dad? If he was one of those guys who's in the front and knows the instructors names then.... I probably didn't because I stayed in the back. I am so not coordinated!

I think the price for the shoes on that link is in Australian money or something. But those are way cool. Please don't go running while you're 6 months prego. You make me nervous! But very nice dad. I love the picks with Velzy. She totally looks like she's reading the paper.

laurenblack said...

aw how i love sir.. and the old days when we would all kick box together. 50 lbs lighter.. good times. i miss EB he is a grat guy, im was really lucky to have him as my adoptive father growing up. scary to think how i might have turned out without his (and yours) influence for good.