Thursday, February 15

a little birdy's winter pearch

watching daddy scrape the ice off the truck. velz actually spends a lot of time standing on the window sills looking outside these days. i can't wait for it to get warm to go and play outside, i am starting to get really stir crazy being inside with her all day!
so valentines was nice, we had our love luau, but for some reason my kalua pork didn't turn out like it should have- it didn't shred! so junk! so i was a little bummed, but it was good none the less. it's so frustrating when you make something that you have made before and for some reason it doesn't turn out!!!
and i have finally decided on (and just ordered!!!) fabric for the new baby's quilt and a pattern. it's baby girlish and sweet and i like it a lot, now i just have to wait till march for it to come in and be shipped!


Jen said...

That is the coolest quilt. She's going to love it.

Poor V. She must be going crazy too not being able to play outside! Stay sane, hopefully the time will fly by.

Ton said...

Wow. It certainely looks cold.

Fantastic fabric! I love red and light blue together right now. That pattern looks so fun. I wish I knew how to quilt. I think it's too much math for my brain. I am very visual, so I have a hard time with anything that isn't right in front of me. Maybe I'll take a class or something.

ColoradoCoolCats said...

SHE LOOKS SO CUTE STANDING THERE! You guys finally got your snow! Glad its past us- FINALLY! Have fun in it this weekend, what else can you do right?? Haven't checked your link- better do that sounds great!

Candace said...

Good choice on the fabric & the quilt pattern is so cool! I just found that Hancocks of Paducah website a few weeks ago & ordered a few cuts from their clearance section. Way cool place to shop for fabrics & good prices too!

Mrs. Dub said...

i went blog-linking (blinking?) today and found your blog. and figured out that you are married to luke - my former BYU neighbor and short-lived crush. (no worries, happily married with a little girl myself.) anyway, i thought i'd say hello to him via you. (tell him it's one of the R House girls.) anyway, i wish i could quilt. and i wish that we both didn't live in frigid climates but on the beach.

happy quilting!