Tuesday, February 20

big bellied bully

this is my daughter, we can just call her bully- she's even got a fat lip to back up the claim. this cute little girl has become the neighborhood bully, going around and pulling hair. today at the y she pulled this little boys hair four times and made him cry so hard. it was like i could not let her out of my sight for fear that she would grab a handful and not let go.

i will admit, at first, luke and i thought it was a little funny and were sort of happy that velz was no longer the weakling when we would go to our friends house. but seriously, i am starting to get a little concerned. i can just see it now, i am going to be so stoked to finally get her into nursery and be able to enjoy some church and they are going to have to come hunt me down and give velz back- who will still have hair stuck between her chubby little fingers. she is totally not phased by it at all, i slap her little fingers and say no and she just goes on her way, watching the crying victim with a look like "what is wrong with him/her?" little girl, what to do? so, if anyone has any ideas of how to get her to stop i will take your comments happily!


Ton said...

Oh no. Velzy. I don't have much advice. I'll think about it tonight and see what I come up with.

Don't worry, it's just a phase. Really common in young kids before they are talking.

Once, we were at SeaWorld when Ethan was about 16-17 months. We were over in that kiddie playground area and he was running around hitting all of the other kids. I was sitting there, 8 months preg with Kaleb, thinking, "oh great, my kids the hitter."

Don't worry, she'll grow out of it.

Robyn said...

Oh no, I think it's totally normal. Trent just walks up to kids and doesn't stop so he ends up running over them and then laying on top of them. It's odd.

He also pulls things out of kids hands and does not let go until he has it. He doesn't scream or anything. He just stares at the kid and pulls and pulls. When do they grow out of this?

Jen said...

Go Velzy!.....Oh I mean um....That's not nice V (she said with a stern voice)

I have no advice for you, but think how handy that will be when she's going for the ultimate wave and some yucky boy wants to cut her off. She'll show him!

All I can think of is that she likes the reaction she gets out of the kids who she's bullying. She doesn't know that she's hurting them.

Meggan said...

Whenever the girls would do that because they didn't know better, I would act out their dolls pulling my hair or hitting me and would uncontrollably start pretend crying so they knew that it really hurts. After awhile, they got it through their heads that it really hurts when they do that because, really, she probably wouldn't do it if she KNEW she was being mean.

Anonymous said...

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